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Importing a classic American pickup truck to the United Kingdom can be a rewarding way to enjoy a piece of American automotive history and stand out on British roads. Classic American pickups are known for their ruggedness, iconic styling, and powerful engines.

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But we understand that it can be daunting to bite the bullet on importing a Ford F100 to the United Kingdom. To put your mind at ease, here is a rough idea of the process of getting that dream car of yours here and registered.

Are you buying or do you already own the vehicle?

Our customers are split right down the middle when it comes to classic cars. They’ve either owned them for twenty years or they are planning on buying one.

If you already own one, then there is nothing more you need to do. However, if you are a buyer? Here is a little guidance.

We have had customers buy vehicles in America and they turn up not as expected, so it is incredibly important to take the time to choose something that tickes all of the boxes.

We would first recommend starting with looking at local selling pages, and also finding any local car clubs to the area that enjoy those sorts of vehicles.

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This means that you could even ask someone to go take a look at the vehicle for you, or if you would rather use a buying service that is also an option.

When buying from so far away it can be incredibly tricky to get something that is perfect. So don’t feel pressured into a sale.

We would also say that if you are buying a project car, just bear in mind it will need to be road worthy before registering it.

Also when making larger purchases, sometimes it is good to use a car buying service to get you the best rates on transferring the money.

Are there any special rules to know?

Generally speaking, the classic market is fantastic when it comes to the registration phrase. Documentation is key, but the actual safety requirements are a bit of a relaxed area.

As a general rule of thumb if it can pass an MOT then you can deem it to be road worthy. Which is the important thing.

As in the United Kingdom, a car does not need an MOT when it is over a certain age. But as it is an older car from prior to EURO regulations, it is mostly things like checking for rust, brake issues, and ensuring it has seatbelts.

If you are buying a restored car we would always advise on getting pictures of all the work carried out to avoid any nasty surprises. We have seen some “restored” vehicles that don’t quite tick the boxes.

We are here to assist with the registration process, and much more. But these are all things to know when you are making that final decision!

Once you have your classic pickup…

So you have the vehicle and want to know what happens next. Well, in some respects it is easier than buying it.

We will collect the classic from anywhere in America, and get it to the port. From there we can load it onto a container bound for the United Kingdom.

Sometimes this will be with other vehicles that we are importing to pass on some savings to you.

At this point our portal will also collect from you everything we need to register the vehicle and really all you need to do is wait for the vehicle to arrive in the UK.

On arrival it is cleared through customs and depending on the age of the vehicle, it should be on the lower rate of taxes and duties.

We then register your classic car

After a fairly long shipping process we put the paperwork in. This is the tricky bit with classic cars and why we advise that you have an MOT done.

If the information is not provided a certain way the DVLA will ask to inspect the car and you can end up in a very drawn out process. One of which we can hlep you to avoid.

Insurance and Driving: – Secure appropriate insurance coverage for your imported classic American pickup. Remember that cars over a certain age might require an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test to ensure roadworthiness.

Owning a classic American pickup in the UK is a unique way to express your automotive passion and stand out in a crowd. The combination of classic design, powerful engines, and the practicality of a pickup truck can make for an enjoyable and rewarding driving experience.

We are here to help you to enjoy that experience in the UK. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on what we can offer.

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