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Vehicle testing

We have in house facilities for all imported car testing

IVA Testing

An IVA test is needed for passenger cars from outside of Europe that are under 10 years old. The DVSA visit our bespoke facility weekly and conduct the IVA tests on our customer's cars. We have the only privately operated IVA testing facility for passenger cars in the UK.

MSVA Testing

An MSVA test is needed on motorbikes from outside of Europe that are under 10 years old. We have the ability to test your motorbike at our own privately owned MSVA test centre. DVSSA inspectors visit our site and conduct the test on your motorbike.

MOT Testing

Any car over 3 years old needs an MOT test prior to being road registered. We have full in house MOT testing facilities at My Car Import, ensuring your car does not need to leave site during the registration process. If your car does not pass the MOT test, we can provide a quote to fix any problems and make your car roadworthy.

Testing Applications

Whether in need of an IVA or MSVA test, My Car Import handle all of the applications to gain testing approval. We have completed thousands of testing applications on behalf of customers, and have the knowledge to guarantee your cars is approved and tested in as short a time as possible.

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