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We are the only privately owned MSVA test centre in the United Kingdom

The MSVA test, or the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval test, is a test that is required in the UK for certain types of motorcycles and trikes before they can be registered and used on the road.

The MSVA test applies to motorcycles and trikes that are not eligible for a European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval, which is a type of approval that covers the majority of new motorcycles sold in the EU.

We can help with registering your:

  • Custom-built motorcycles
  • Imported motorcycles
  • Motorcycles built from a combination of parts from different manufacturers
  • Three-wheeled motorcycles and trikes

What is the MSVA test?

The purpose of the MSVA test is to ensure that the car meets the relevant safety and environmental standards.

Will you need an MSVA test?

The MSVA test applies to motorcycles and trikes that are not eligible for a EU type approval.

Where do we test your motorcycle?

All tests are conducted on site at My Car Import at our privately owned testing lane.

Frequently asked Questions

What happens on the MSVA test?

If the MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) test is still applicable for motorcycles in the UK, here’s what typically happens during an MSVA test for motorcycles:

Preparation and Documentation: Similar to the IVA test, you need to ensure your motorcycle is properly prepared and meets the necessary documentation requirements.

Inspection of Vehicle Components: The motorcycle undergoes a comprehensive inspection, focusing on various components such as lights, mirrors, brakes, steering, suspension, tires, emissions, noise levels, and more. The examiner checks if these components meet the required safety and environmental standards.

Emissions and Noise Levels: Emissions and noise levels are tested to ensure compliance with set limits. This helps ensure the car doesn’t emit excessive pollutants or generate excessive noise.

Lights and Electrical Systems: All lighting and electrical systems are inspected to ensure proper functioning and compliance with standards.

Brakes and Suspension: The functionality and safety of the brakes and suspension systems are evaluated.

Structural Integrity: The motorcycle’s structural integrity is assessed to confirm it can withstand normal road stresses.

Build Quality: The overall build quality is examined to ensure it meets acceptable standards.

Documentation Check: The examiner reviews your documentation to verify that you’ve met administrative requirements and that the motorcycle’s specifications match what’s been declared.

Test Outcome: Based on the inspection and tests, the examiner will determine whether the motorcycle passes or fails the MSVA test. If it fails, you’ll receive a report outlining the issues that need to be addressed before retesting.

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