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Our services

Whether you need a full relocation of your car from another continent, to finalising registration paperwork for a classic car already in the UK, we can tailor a service package to suit you


  • Container Shipment
  • RoRo Shipment
  • European Transport
  • Air Freight


  • EU / Non EU
  • Transfer of Residency
  • Company Clearances
    • NOVA Applications

UK Registrations

  • DVLA Applications
  • COC / VCA
  • IVA / MSVA
  • Classic Vehicles

Vehicle Modifications

  • Lighting
  • Speedometers
  • American Lighting
  • IVA/MSVA Preparation

IVA & MSVA Testing

We have our own private IVA & MSVA testing facility – the only one of its kind in the UK. This significantly reduces waiting times compared to government testing facilities.

MOT Testing

We have our own MOT testing facility, meaning your car does not need to leave our facility at any point in the process.

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