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We MOT test your car at our facility

The majority of cars need an MOT test to be registered

On site MOT testing facility

We have our own MOT testing lane adding safety and speed to our process

Safer than competitors

Other companies drive cars to local MOT testing stations - we conduct both MOT and IVA testing on site.

Experienced team of MOT testers

Our experienced team of three MOT testers make sure your car is roadworthy and safe after its travels to the UK

Remedial work

If your car fails its MOT test, our technicians are on hand to remedy any faults to make the car roadworthy

For cars over three years old, an MOT test needs to conducted in order to be registered. Each year following registration, an MOT test is required to remain legal on UK roads.

The MOT test was designed to ensure that your car is safe to drive on the roads.

The MOT test is car wide and covers all structural and functioning items of the car, such as:

  • Chassis strength, corrosion and health
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Tyres
  • Lighting and indicators
  • Field of view
  • Internal switchgear and telltales

The internal parts of your car are also looked over to ensure they work.

For example, something as simple as having one seat belt in the back of the car that you might not use not working can result in a fail.

It might seem like there are a lot of minor items that are scrutinised, but in the United Kingdom, car health is strictly governed. The benefit of these precautions is very safe roads.

If your car fails on anything during the MOT test we will prepare a quote for you to get the car fixed and ready to be retested.

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