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Vehicle modifications

We handle the entire process of making your car compliant for UK roads

Rear fog lights

We can convert or modify your rear fog lights to illuminate to a UK compliant standard, without spoiling the aesthetics of the car.

American lighting conversions

We have vast experience of modifying American spec cars to operate in accordance with UK standards.

Headlight conversions

The majority of modern headlights can have their beam patterns adjusted to a UK variant, we have the knowledge to do this.


If your car is under ten years old and needs to read MPH, we can convert the speedometer to do so.

MOT testing

The majority of cars need an MOT test before being registered, we conduct this onsite at My Car Import. Your car will need an MOT test every year once registered.

IVA & MSVA testing

If your car is under ten years old and from outside the EU, it may need an IVA or MSVA test. We conduct these test onsite at our own private testing facility. These tests are a one time event to show the DVSA to car is compliant and roadworthy.

We work with all ages of cars

My Car Import can assist with the modifications needed to your car. We have handled the latest American cars through to vintage classics and know what it takes to make them roadworthy and compliant.

We have an extensive parts network to source the correct items needed for your car and our onsite technicians are experienced in making changes to cars in a sympathetic and effective manner.

We can also handle all mechanical issues that may arise during IVA, MSVA or MOT testing.

All work is undertaken at our premises in Castle Donington

We have invested extensively in our bespoke facilities at My Car Import. Unless for highly specialised work, there is no need for the car to leave site, meaning your car can be worked on, tested and registered faster than anywhere else in the UK.

  • Privately operated IVA & MSVA testing centre
  • Registered MOT testing centre
  • Onsite team of technicians to work on your car
  • In depth knowledge of necessary roadworthy modifications

Your car leaves our premises ready for the UK

Every modification we conduct at My Car Import is to ensure your car is ready for the UK roads. Once tested and registered, you can be assured that your car has had the necessary changes in order to comply.

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