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We take care of the entire process

From start to finish we can import your car safely to the United Kingdom, make the modifications, and then register it for you.


The entire process of collecting your car, loading your car, and shipping your car is managed by us.


Any transportation that is required is also taken care of with an extensive network of transport partners.


We take care of the customs paperwork on your behalf to ensure you avoid any additional charges.


All of the paperwork required to register your car is taken care of on your behalf.


We modify your car at our premises to ensure it is compliant in the United Kingdom.


An all inclusive service from start to finish with a team that imports hundreds of cars each month.

We have imported cars from almost every corner of the world

At My Car Import we offer the unique service of completely handling your interests while importing a car into the UK from anywhere in the world. With many years experience commercially importing and exporting cars around the world, we realise how complicated a process it is if you have no prior experience. We are here to help and are pleased to offer you a fast, friendly, personal service to meet your specific car import requirements.

Where are you importing your car from?

The process is slightly different for all cars. If you want more information on importing a car from a specific location then we recommend reading on:

Within the EU

We can assist with the process of importing from all of the EU countries to the United Kingdom

Outside of the EU

We can import cars from nearly anywhere in the world, whether that is the states or Australia.

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