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Importing your

car to the

United Kingdom.

We take care of the entire process

Importing your car from Europe to the UK involves a number of stages. My Car Import can take on as much or as little as you require, but our professional advice? If you want your car collected, transported, cleared through customs, modified, and transported, hand it all over to us. You won’t have to do an ounce of paperwork, and that’s something.


My Car Import handles the whole shipping process on your behalf. Why do it all yourself when we can have your car with you in no time?


Any transportation you require along the way is handled by My Car Import and our extensive network of trusted transport partners.


We clear your car through customs and manage all customs paperwork on your behalf. That way we'll ensure you avoid any additional charges.


All the necessary paperwork required to register your car is efficiently handled by our expert team.


We'll modify your car at our private premises to ensure it is compliant with UK standards.


Receive a bespoke and fully inclusive service from a team who imports hundreds of cars each month.

We have imported cars from almost every corner of the world

You heard right, anywhere in the world. Our full service is unique and bespoke, and if we've learned anything from our 25+ years in business, it's that importing a car singlehandedly can be a tricky process. That's what we're here for, to ease the pressure and offer you an expedient, friendly, and personal service to meet your specific car import requirements.

Where are you importing your car from?

The import process differs for every car. If you'd like more information on importing a car from a specific location, read on.

Within the EU

We can assist with the process of importing from all EU countries to the United Kingdom.

Outside of the EU

USA? Australia? No worries! We can import cars from almost anywhere in the world.

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