Importing your classic car to the United Kingdom

How can we help to import your classic car to the UK?

At My Car Import, we take great pride in our team of dedicated professionals who are true experts in their respective fields. Our cohesive team includes skilled mechanics, experienced logistics management agents, and a diverse range of specialists, all working together seamlessly to offer you an exceptional and hassle-free experience when importing your classic car.

We understand the unique value and significance of classic cars, and our comprehensive services and facilities are designed to provide you with peace of mind throughout the entire importation process. Your classic car is handled with the utmost care and expertise, ensuring that it remains in safe hands from the moment it arrives until it’s returned to you.

Read on to find out more about the process of importing your classic car to the United Kingdom with My Car Import.


We can handle the shipping of your classic car to the United Kingdom from anywhere in the world.


We can arrange enclosed transport for your vehicle anywhere in the world. 


We can take care of the storage of your classic car once it is in the United Kingdom if you need us too. 

Mot Testing

We can test your vehicle onsite to check that it is road worthy.


We can collect all of the documentation that will be needed to register your classic car. 


We fill out all of the paperwork to get your car registered in the United Kingdom. 

Lets get your classic car registered in the United Kingdom.

It all starts by filling in the quote form.

If you want an accurate price to get your classic car registered in the United Kingdom the process will always start with filling in a quote form. It will take you a few minutes to complete but it gives us all of the information to work out where your classic car is, and its route to registration.

Once we have your details a member of the team will go through it and provide you with a bespoke quotation which you will receive within 48 working hours.

Transporting your car to the United Kingdom.

If your classic car isn’t already in the United Kingdom we will quote for transportation if this is something you have requested. If the car is already in the United Kingdom then you can ignore this step of the import process.

When transporting the classic car, we will always give you the option to store it at our premises till it is registered, but in most cases our customers prefer to get the car delivered straight to them.


Remedial work and MOT testing.

It’s important to note that the MOT test itself is not mandatory for classic cars, as they often fall outside the standard age range for this assessment.

However, opting for an MOT test can offer several advantages, especially in expediting the registration process.

This is because cars need to be road worthy and sadly some imports are not. This is just our advice and not necessarily something you need to do.

Registering your classic vehicle.

Once your classic car has safely arrived in the United Kingdom, we offer the convenience of handling the registration process on your behalf. Registering a classic vehicle can often be a complex and intricate procedure, but our expertise and resources are at your disposal to simplify this process.

If you find yourself facing any challenges or uncertainties during the registration process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We are here to offer our expertise and support, ensuring that the registration of your classic vehicle is a smooth and successful endeavor. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we are committed to providing the necessary assistance to make the process as seamless as possible.

Frequently asked questions

How do you calculate the duty for a classic car?

Calculating the duty for a classic car being imported to the UK involves considering various factors. Here’s a general overview of how the duty may be calculated:

The first step is to establish the value of the classic car. This can be based on the purchase price, a valuation report, or other relevant documentation. The value will be used as the basis for calculating the duty.

Classic cars may qualify for reduced or waived duty rates based on their age. The specific age criteria and corresponding duty rates can vary, so it’s important to consult the UK government’s official guidelines or contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) for the most up-to-date information. However, at present the rule is cars which are considered of historical interest are not liable for any import duty and the VAT due is payable at the reduced rate of just 5.0%. Generally speaking this is thirty years old at present but is subject to change.

Certain circumstances or scenarios may qualify for duty exemptions or reliefs. For example, if you’re importing a classic car that you previously owned and used outside the EU for a specific period, you may be eligible for relief from duty. Research any applicable exemptions or reliefs that might be relevant to your situation.

The duty rate for importing a classic car to the UK depends on several factors, including the car’s age and its classification under the relevant harmonized system codes. These codes categorize different types of cars and determine the corresponding duty rates. Consult the UK Trade Tariff or contact HMRC for the specific duty rates applicable to your car’s classification.

Once you have determined the value, age, applicable exemptions, and duty rates, you can calculate the duty amount. Multiply the car’s value by the applicable duty rate, taking into account any exemptions or reliefs, to arrive at the final duty amount payable.

It’s important to note that the duty calculation process can be complex, and the rules and rates may change over time. If you need any assistance don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on how to calculate your duty and VAT for your classic car.

What classic cars are MOT Exempt?

In the United Kingdom, certain cars are exempt from the annual MOT (Ministry of Transport) test.

Classic car owners are often rejoiced with the prospect of not having to MOT their cars, but bear in mind they do have to be road worthy. When importing them we always advise an MOT for any classic car as it can make it easier during the registration process.

Vehicles that are over 40 years old and have not undergone substantial changes in their construction or design within the past 30 years are typically exempt from the MOT test. This exemption applies to cars registered as historic or classic cars with the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency).

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information.

What are good sites to buy classic cars from when buying from outside of the UK?

When buying classic cars from outside of the UK, there are several reputable online platforms and resources that can help you find and purchase the perfect car. These platforms provide listings from private sellers, dealers, and auctions around the world. Here are some popular websites that classic car enthusiasts often use to buy classic cars from outside the UK:

Hemmings: Hemmings is a well-known online marketplace for classic cars, collector cars, and vintage cars. It features a wide range of listings from private sellers, dealers, and auctions across the globe.

Bring a Trailer: Bring a Trailer (BaT) is a unique platform that specializes in curated listings of collector cars and enthusiasts’ cars. The platform includes detailed descriptions, photos, and a community of knowledgeable users who often provide insights and discussions about the cars. is a comprehensive online marketplace for classic cars, offering listings from various sources, including private sellers and dealers. The platform also provides resources and articles for classic car enthusiasts.

eBay Motors: eBay Motors is a well-established platform that features a wide range of cars, including classic cars. It’s important to carefully review listings, seller feedback, and use due diligence when purchasing from private sellers.

Classic Trader: Classic Trader is a European-based platform that showcases classic cars for sale from across Europe and beyond. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide variety of cars.
Car and Classic: Car and Classic is a UK-based platform that features a large selection of classic cars for sale, both within the UK and from other countries. It includes cars from dealers and private sellers.

AutoTrader Classics: AutoTrader Classics is part of the AutoTrader brand and focuses on classic and collector cars. It provides a search feature to help narrow down your preferences.
RM Sotheby’s: RM Sotheby’s is a renowned auction house that also features an online catalog of classic cars available for purchase. Their auctions often showcase high-quality and rare cars.

Bonhams: Bonhams is another prestigious auction house that conducts classic car auctions and provides an online platform for browsing and bidding on classic cars.

Catawiki: Catawiki is an online auction platform that features specialized auctions for classic cars and other collectibles. It’s based in the Netherlands but has international reach.

When buying a classic car from outside the UK, it’s essential to conduct thorough research, ask for detailed information and photos, consider hiring a car inspector if possible, and be aware of the logistics and legalities involved in importing the car. Always work with reputable sellers and platforms, and consider seeking advice from experts or professionals in the classic car industry to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.


Where are the best countries to import classic cars from to the United Kingdom?

The best countries to import classic cars from to the United Kingdom can vary based on factors such as the availability of desirable classic models, condition, price, import regulations, and shipping costs. Some popular countries known for exporting classic cars to the UK include:

United States: The USA has a vast market for classic cars, with a wide range of models available. American classics, such as Ford Mustangs, Chevrolet Corvettes, and vintage muscle cars, are popular choices for UK enthusiasts.

European Countries: European countries like Germany, Italy, and France have produced iconic classic cars from manufacturers like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Alfa Romeo, and Citroën. These countries can be good sources for classic European models.

Japan: Japan is known for its well-maintained and preserved classic cars, especially from the 1980s and 1990s, such as Nissan Skyline GT-Rs and Toyota Supras.

Australia: Australia has a thriving classic car scene, and it’s known for unique muscle cars and vintage Holden and Ford models.

Canada: Canada is another country with a rich collection of classic cars, and some enthusiasts find unique models available for export.

When considering importing a classic car to the UK, it’s crucial to research and understand the import regulations and duties involved. The process may include emissions compliance, car testing, import taxes, shipping fees, and other paperwork. Additionally, ensure you work with reputable exporters and shipping companies to ensure a smooth and secure process.

Before importing a classic car, consider seeking advice from specialists or organizations dedicated to classic car imports. They can provide guidance on the best countries to source specific models and assist you in navigating the import process successfully. Remember that the availability and popularity of specific models can fluctuate over time, so it’s essential to stay informed about the current classic car market.