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Do you need help importing your car from the USA?

We’ll take care of the entire importation process to have your car legally registered in the UK, and much more!

We’ve got the process covered from US car collection to the moment you’re driving it on the UK roads!


We'll assist with the inland trucking of your car or motorbike within the USA.


We can take care of the entire shipping process for you including exporting your vehicle from the USA.


The long-winded and often complex customs process is fully in our hands once your vehicle arrives in the UK.


Our vast modification experience covering a wide range of vehicles allows you the freedom to fully rely on us for US to UK conversions.


All MOT & IVA tests are carried out onsite at our premises in Castle Donnington to ensure a swift registration of your vehicle.


Let us take care of all the necessary paperwork required to get your vehicle registered in the UK. All you have to do is insure and drive it!

The process begins with collecting your car in the USA. Your car's already here? Don't worry!

We’ve worked hard to build longstanding and trusted relationships with our US agents. For you, it means the collection of your vehicle is perfectly coordinated.

Within just a few days of your booking, our agents will promptly retrieve your car from a pre-selected, designated address. Following collection, your vehicle will be transported to the nearest port, whether that’s in Oakland, Houston, Savannah, or New York.

Throughout the entire transportation process, your car is fully insured in accordance with our terms and conditions.

Thanks to our hard work and extensive efforts in collaborating with dependable logistics partners, we are able to successfully move thousands of cars each year without issue.

We cater to varying preferences and budgets, offering both enclosed and open transport services.

If you would like more information about importing your car to the United Kingdom, don’t hesitate to fill in a quote form. Or if your vehicle is already in the UK, we can provide a quotation for the modifications of your vehicle.



We take care of shipping your vehicle to the UK

When your car arrives at our depot, we’ll load it into the shipping container with the utmost care and attention. Our agents on the ground in the USA have been handpicked based on their vast experience and attention to detail when dealing with cars.

We provide marine insurance which covers your car up to its full replacement value. This covers your vehicle from the moment it leaves you, even remaining insured ‘off’ the water with our logistics companies. We do this for peace of mind, allowing you to confidently hand the keys over to your American car.

In our experience, we’ve never had any issues resulting in total loss of a car for any of our customers.

The shipping of a car can be daunting, particularly from America. The West Coast can often take a little longer than the East Coast and we understand that during this time, you’ll be eager to know it’s safely through the gates of the port, cleared through customs, and safely on its way to our premises.

Did you know that we provide GPS tracking for this very reason?

If you’re handing your precious vehicle over, you want to know it’s in good hands.

When your car reaches the UK, we handle customs clearance

Customs can be a troublesome, sometimes nightmarish prospect, and that’s precisely why we can do it for you. We’ll navigate the process for you and provide all the necessary paperwork to ensure that your car doesn’t accrue any additional storage fees.

It can also be expensive, so our in-house handling of customs clearance is designed to save you money on fees.

Once we’ve successfully cleared your car through customs, it can be transported to our facility in Castle Donington.


Once your car has cleared customs, it's time for us to work on modifications for UK compliance

On arrival in the UK, your car will be subject to a number of tests and modifications to reach UK highway standards.

Modifications mainly include adjustments to the signals, and fog and brake lights on the car. US manufactured cars often have different coloured indicators integrated into the brake light bulbs. They also have different coloured side lights, and the cars regularly have no side indicators or fog lights.

We have the expertise to convert your car to UK standards using the latest in-house LED light technology. This allows our highly qualified technicians to complete the necessary changes with minor aesthetic impact.

Cars imported from the USA under ten years old will need to undergo an IVA test before the DVLA will approve your registration. As the only DVSA-approved company in the UK, we have our own privately operated IVA testing lane for passenger cars which makes the modification stage more efficient and rapid. Your car never leaves our site and we are not subjected to government waiting times

You do not require an IVA for cars over ten years old. However, they do need to pass an MOT so must be deemed roadworthy in terms of signal lights, tyre wear, suspension, and brakes.

Fear not, we’ll be checking all of this!


What are American lighting conversions and why are they important?

American cars are undeniably awesome, but it’s highly likely that you’ll need a lighting conversion. The US LHD market is radically different to LHD cars produced in the EU.

Put simply, the term ‘American lighting conversion’ refers to the modifications of a US cars lighting systems to comply with the lighting regulations and standards in the United Kingdom.

DON’T let this put you off importing a magnificent American car! Modifications will be undertaken by our team to convert the vehicle to a more UK-compliant specification. This rule is more applicable to modern vehicles, older vehicles that fall under historic import laws are a little more relaxed as, technically, they don’t need an MOT.

Below is some extra information about the American Lighting conversion process. (Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered for you!)

Your headlights will need replacing or adjusting:

All vehicles that are LHD and imported to the UK may need to have their headlights adjusted or replaced to meet UK standards, including beam patterns and intensity levels. Vehicles with automatic levelling headlights may need to be equipped with manual levelling systems for compliance.

If we can’t adjust your American vehicle’s headlights, we simply replace the headlight with its RHD equivalent.

Failure to change your headlights beam pattern is non-compliance in the UK and can dazzle other road users.

Your taillights and brake lights will need a few adjustments

Taillights and brake lights must be configured to emit the correct colours and intensities, as specified by UK regulations. These lights need to be visible in different lighting conditions and angles.

American cars often have no individual indicators, their brake lights simply flash. In the UK, these must be amber turn signals.

We aim to create an OEM finish when adjusting any components using custom built LED lighting that fits the unique shape of the car.

(You can see some conversion examples on this page. It’s a lot of hard work to ensure that they not only work but look great too!)

You’ll need side markers (which don’t come with the vast majority of US spec cars).

We install side markers or side repeaters which are usually located in front of the passenger and driver side door. These need to match the sequential pattern emitted by the rear indicators.

Fog lights and auxiliary lighting: any additional lighting, such as fog lights or auxiliary lights, must also meet UK lighting standards in terms of colour, intensity, and positioning.

Wiring and electrical modifications: American lighting conversions may involve rewiring the car to ensure proper connectivity and functionality of the lighting system. This could include adapting the car’s wiring harness to accommodate UK lighting components and configurations.

As no two cars are the same, it is highly recommended that you use the same company to fulfil all modifications to your American vehicle. This ensures that the converted lighting system meets UK standards while maintaining optimal functionality and safety.

Alternatively, if you’re importing a car to the USA, we recommend researching the specific lighting requirements and consult with specialists who can perform the necessary conversions to ensure compliance.


Once your vehicle has been tested we will register your vehicle

After the extensive journey of importing, modifying, and testing your vehicle, it’s now time to proceed with the registration process. We do understand that at times the process can feel like a long time so at every stage of your cars journey we keep you updated.

This step involves submitting all the necessary paperwork to the DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). Once this paperwork is successfully processed, you will receive a unique registration number for your vehicle.

For classic American cars, we offer assistance with any supplementary paperwork that may be needed to facilitate the registration process.

Upon receiving your registration number, we have the capability to promptly produce your new number plates. You have the option to either collect the vehicle in person or have it delivered to your preferred location, whether it’s your home or another designated destination.

From this point of the import all you need to do is insure your vehicle ready to drive on the roads in the United Kingdom.

Frequently asked questions

What is the process for importing cars under ten years old?

We do this using an IVA test. We have the only privately operated IVA testing facility in the UK, meaning your car will not be waiting for a testing slot at a government testing centre, which can take weeks, if not months to obtain. We IVA test every week on-site and therefore have the fastest turnaround to get your car registered and on UK roads.

Every car is different and every manufacturer has different support standards for assisting their clients through the import process, so please get a quote so we can discuss the optimum speed and cost option for your circumstances.

We manage the whole process on your behalf, whether that is dealing with the homologation team of your car’s manufacturer or the Department for Transport, so you can relax in the knowledge that you will be legally registered with the DVLA in the shortest time possible.

Australian cars may require some modifications, including the speedo to display an MPH reading and the rear fog light positioning if it is not already universally compliant.

We have built an extensive catalogue of the makes and models of cars we have imported so can give you an accurate estimate of what your car will require to be ready for its IVA test.

What is the process for importing cars over ten years old?

Cars over 10 years old are type approval exempt but still require a safety test, called an MOT, and similar modifications to an IVA test prior to registration. The modifications depend on the age but are generally to the rear fog light.

If your car is over 40 years old it does not need an MOT test and can be delivered directly to your UK address ahead of it being registered.

How much does it cost to import a car from the USA to the UK?

If you find yourself uncertain about the total expenses involved in importing your car from the USA to the United Kingdom, we can provide you with a comprehensive quotation that covers all aspects, ranging from the initial collection to the final registration process within the United Kingdom.

However, if you are merely seeking a ballpark estimate, it’s worth noting that the age of your car significantly influences the overall import cost. The first factor to consider is the import tax, which serves as the foundational calculation in determining your car’s total value upon arrival in the United Kingdom.

In general, the cost of converting a car tends to be higher for newer vehicles, especially those less than ten years old. Nevertheless, it’s important to recognize that each car from the USA is unique in its characteristics and requirements.

We have successfully imported a wide spectrum of vehicles, ranging from classic Ford Mustangs to brand-new, extensively modified pickup trucks. Every car necessitates a tailored plan to ensure compliance with the United Kingdom’s regulations.

For an accurate and detailed quotation that elaborates on the intricacies of importing your specific car from the USA, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process.

Do we import classic American cars?

Yes, it is possible to import classic cars from America to the United Kingdom and we import a lot of classic cars to the United Kingdom, if you want an all inclusive quote to get your car imported then we can assist with the entire process.

Here is some additional information to assist with any questions that you might have:

What are the requirements for importing a classic car?

The key requirements for importing a classic car to the UK include:

    • Proof of car ownership, such as the car’s title or registration.
    • Compliance with UK roadworthiness standards and safety regulations.
    • Verification of the car’s age and classification as a classic or historic car.
    • Satisfying UK customs procedures, including payment of any applicable duties and taxes.
    • Compliance with emission standards, which may require modifications for certain cars.

What documents are needed for importing a classic car?

The necessary documents typically include:

    • Vehicle title or registration documents.
    • Bill of sale or purchase invoice.
    • Valid identification (passport or driver’s license).
    • Proof of compliance with UK roadworthiness standards.
    • Any other relevant customs or import documents required by UK authorities.

Are there any modifications required for importing a classic car?

Depending on the car’s specifications, modifications might be necessary to meet UK roadworthiness and emission standards. This can include changes to lighting, speedometers, mirrors, or exhaust systems. It is advisable to consult a qualified professional or an approved car importer for guidance on specific modifications.

How much will it cost to import a classic car from America to the UK?

The total cost of importing a classic car includes various factors, such as:

    • Purchase price of the car.
    • International shipping fees.
    • UK customs duties and taxes.
    • Transport and delivery charges within the UK.
    • Any required modifications or inspections.
    • Insurance and registration fees.

How long does the importing process take?

The duration of the importing process can vary depending on several factors, such as customs clearance, shipping logistics, and any necessary modifications. It is recommended to consult with your shipping agent or car importer to get an estimate of the expected timeline.

Can I drive the imported classic car immediately?

After the car arrives in the UK, it must go through the customs clearance process and pass any necessary inspections or modifications to comply with UK roadworthiness standards. Until these requirements are fulfilled, the car may not be road-legal. It is important to ensure that all necessary procedures are completed before driving the car.

Are there any restrictions on importing classic cars?

The UK has specific regulations and restrictions on the import of classic cars. These include emissions standards, age restrictions, and compliance with roadworthiness requirements. It is advisable to research and understand these regulations or consult with a qualified car importer to ensure compliance.

Remember, it is important to consult with professionals experienced in car importing and adhere to the relevant regulations and procedures to ensure a smooth and compliant importation process.

Do we offer American lighting conversions (red indicators to amber)

Absolutely. We have worked with countless American cars and can offer a like-for-like manufacture-level finish.

We understand that so much of the appeal comes from those big indicators that are sequential. Which is why for most cars we will offer a very bespoke process.

The truth is, no two cars are alike. We modify cars to maintain that look and feel but also make them road legal.

We have developed a lot of different methods that are in some cases unique to us. For example, some companies will choose to break apart lighting modules when they can to change your indicators over to amber.

This is something that we do in the worse case scenario, but a lot of cars can be modified with a like for like effect without damaging the integrity of the cars lighting units.

Do we import motorbikes from America?

We have worked with a wide variety of cars from America and motorbikes are no exception. There are so many fantastic examples of motorbikes that come from America (although they are usually always Harley’s) we can understand why sometimes owners import them.

For motorbikes, we work with some of the best motorbike transporters in the industry to ensure there are no issues.

Can we undertake remedial work if required?

Depending on the age of your car there could be remedial work required to get it ready for the roads and safe.

We offer a bespoke service. Our mechanics are onsite and can assist with conversions, remedial work, and any special requests that you might have.

Whether that’s a classic Corvette that needs a full restoration or a Mustang needing new brake lines fitting.

We always like to think it’s a great time to take advantage of not having your car – whilst its with us, you can have any work done that you might want undertaking before you pick up the car.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with any special requirements

Can we help with paying for a car?

If you haven’t actually purchased the car you intend to import – where do you even start.

Take the time whether or not the car is actually genuine. It’s worth working with dealers who specialise and have a good reputation in the motor trade. However, if you are already in America and are purchasing at face value, then you can be a little more liberal with who the car is purchased from. But if you are purchasing the car from overseas? Use a trusted car dealer.

Look over the car and don’t be afraid to scrutinise the fine details of it all. Don’t feel pressured to make the purchase then and there – as there could be a history of damage to the car that might catch you out.

Once you’re happy with the American car – it can be tricky to get the best price due to fluctuations in the exchange rates. For everyday purchases, it can make a very minor difference to the overall figure but in regards to large capital purchases?

It can be a big difference. There are many companies that act as brokers which will often provide a reasonable and above market exchange rate than say, your high street bank.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss the purchasing of a car.

What are the most frequently used ports in America to ship cars?

The United States has numerous popular shipping ports that handle significant amounts of cargo and serve as important gateways for international trade. Some of the prominent shipping ports in America include:

  1. Port of Los Angeles, California: The Port of Los Angeles is the largest port in the United States by container volume and one of the busiest ports in the world. It handles a substantial portion of the country’s imports and exports, particularly with Asia.
  2. Port of Long Beach, California: Located adjacent to the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach is the second-busiest container port in the United States. It is known for its efficiency and trade connections with Asia, especially with China.
  3. Port of New York and New Jersey: The Port of New York and New Jersey is the busiest port on the East Coast of the United States. It serves as a major gateway for trade with Europe, as well as other international destinations. It consists of several terminals spread across the New York and New Jersey area.
  4. Port of Savannah, Georgia: The Port of Savannah is one of the fastest-growing ports in the United States. It is a major hub for containerized cargo and plays a crucial role in trade between the United States and the Southeast region, as well as connections to Latin America.
  5. Port of Houston, Texas: Situated on the Gulf of Mexico, the Port of Houston is one of the largest ports in the United States in terms of total tonnage. It handles a diverse range of cargo, including containers, petroleum products, and chemicals, and serves as a vital trade link for the Southern and Central regions of the country.
  6. Port of Seattle-Tacoma, Washington: The combined ports of Seattle and Tacoma form the Northwest Seaport Alliance, which is a major gateway for international trade in the Pacific Northwest. It handles a significant amount of container traffic, especially with Asia.
  7. Port of Charleston, South Carolina: The Port of Charleston is an important southeastern port with modern container facilities. It has experienced significant growth in recent years and serves as a key trade hub for the region.

These are just a few examples of the popular shipping ports in America. Other notable ports include the Port of Miami, Florida; Port of Oakland, California; Port of Norfolk, Virginia; and Port of New Orleans, Louisiana. The selection of a specific port for shipping will depend on factors such as the origin/destination of the cargo, shipping lines, and the specific requirements of the shipment.

How long does it take to ship a car from America to the United Kingdom?

The duration of shipping a car from America to the UK can vary depending on several factors, including the specific ports involved, shipping method, weather conditions, and other logistical considerations. Here are some general estimates for shipping durations:

  1. Direct Shipping: If you opt for a direct shipping route from a US port to a UK port, the average transit time can range from 10 to 30 days. However, it’s important to note that this is just the time spent at sea and doesn’t include other processes such as customs clearance, loading/unloading, and transportation to/from the ports.
  2. Indirect Shipping: Sometimes, cars may be shipped indirectly, where they are transshipped or transported via intermediate ports. This can extend the overall shipping time. The duration will depend on the specific routing and connections involved.
  3. Container Shipping: If you choose container shipping, where your car is placed inside a container for added protection, it may take slightly longer compared to roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) shipping. This is because containerized shipments often involve additional handling and consolidation processes.
  4. RoRo Shipping: Roll-on/roll-off shipping is a popular method for shipping cars, as it involves driving the car onto a specialized vessel. RoRo vessels are specifically designed to accommodate cars. This method is generally faster than container shipping due to reduced handling and quicker loading/unloading processes.

It’s important to note that the above estimates are rough guidelines and can vary based on multiple factors.

Can we import an American van or American day van to the UK?

We have imported hundreds of vans to the United Kingdom from America to the United Kingdom and can assist with the entire process.

The easiest way to find out what to do is to get in touch and we will provide a quote to import your car to the UK.

Is it easy to insure an imported American car or motorbike?

Insuring an imported American car or motorbike can vary in terms of ease, depending on several factors. While it’s possible to insure an imported car, there are considerations that can impact the process and availability of insurance coverage. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

Vehicle Specifications and Compliance:
Insurance companies typically assess the specifications and compliance of imported cars with local regulations. If the imported car meets local safety and emissions standards, it might be easier to find insurance coverage. However, modifications or non-compliance might affect the availability of coverage.

Obviously a faster, more expensive car will attract a higher premium.

Vehicle Age and Condition:
The age and condition of the imported car can impact the insurance process. Newer cars might have standardized safety features and be easier to insure. Classic or vintage cars might require specialized coverage due to their unique nature.

But for the most part they are usually cheaper as insurers understand that you might not always be driving them.

Other factors to consider:
Premium rates for insurance can vary based on the make, model, age, modifications, driving history, and other factors. Imported cars might have different premium rates compared to locally available models.

But for the most part you shouldn’t have an issue so long as you have had a driving license in the United Kingdom for some time.

There are a plethora of insurance companies that will be able to help you.

Can we export your car from the UK to the USA?

We can help with shipping your car to America if this is something that you would like to do, just make sure to leave a note on the quote request form.

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