What are the benefits of a Japanese ‘Grey’ import.

One of the reasons why My Car Import has a private IVA testing license is because we have been importing cars for a long time. If you are an enthusiast, you’ll know that grey imports have always been a very popular thing.

Once upon a time, we imported hundreds of cars to the United Kingdom from Japan.

There are so many benefits to a fresh JDM import and a few problems that you might run into.



There is no denying that in Japan the cars are completely different from their euro counterparts. Take any two cars that are the same and the chances are the Japanese vehicle will have a crazy specification.

Compliance and regulations in Europe do make it tricky to find something even close.

They’re usually top spec and that is something that as enthusiasts, we love.



There are some cars that were only made in Japan. This makes them incredibly sought after.

With numerous collector cars waiting for you in an auction house, there are cars you won’t find anywhere else.



Unlike the United Kingdom where it rains all the time. Japan isn’t as bad, and the cars are better looked after, thus less prone to rust.

Weather is coincidentally one of the things importers look for when finding a car to register in the United Kingdom.


Right-hand drive

You can buy a car from Japan and drive it with ease in the United Kingdom.

This again helps with the resale of the car and is why it is such a popular place to import from.

We do love our Left-Hand Drives and weirdly we don’t see that many Japanese imports.


Variety and simplicity 

There are thousands of auction houses that will let you buy the car, and ship it to the United Kingdom.

After that, there is simply the process of registering the vehicle.


The JDM stamp of approval

Cars from Japan are simply better quality and come with a more impressive list of features that you can’t find anywhere else.

This means that resale values are high, but there is no denying that any car from Japan usually is linked with phrases like ‘bulletproof ‘.

The quality is just immense in comparison to some of the vehicles produced elsewhere.


Whilst the grey import scene isn’t as bustling as it used to be due to inflated prices. If you are looking for the best possible specification of a future classic car from the likes of Nissan or Toyota, it’s a great place to look.

If your vehicle is already in the United Kingdom and you need some help with registering your Japanese car then don’t hesitate to get in touch.