How much does it cost to ship a vehicle?

Depending on where your vehicle is in the world changes the total cost of shipping. But the type of shipping used can also greatly affect the cost of the import. Our quotes are bespoke to your individual needs.

Where is your vehicle?

Generally speaking, the further away a vehicle is, the more it will cost.

Some countries like the United States cost far more when shipping from the West Coast vs the East Coast and likewise for other countries whereby the vehicle is being loaded at a less frequently used port.

We have a list of the most affordable ports and move your vehicle to one of these locations to ensure the most efficient transport route is used.

Consilidated shipments 

Where possible your vehicle is shipped with other vehicles to offer the best value for money. We also work closely with our logistics partners to find you the best possible price when shipping your vehicle.

Due to the number of vehicles we ship from a wide assortment of ports we will always consolidate where possible.

My Car Import as a business offers a full door to door registration service so we are always trying to keep the costs as low as possible for you.

Export costs?

Some countries like South Africa require more work to clear the vehicle. This is a cost that you might not have realised when deciding to ship your vehicle to the United Kingdom.

We have an extensive network of customs partners who can assist with these processes.

How much tax will you need to pay?

Shipping the vehicle is part of the cost involved in bringing a vehicle into the United Kingdom but there could be a requirement to pay additional tax for the vehicle.

Importing from Europe

If you’re bringing a second-hand vehicle into the UK from within the EU then you will have to pay VAT unless you are bringing the vehicle into the United Kingdom under the ToR scheme. You won’t have to pay any duties, and for vehicles, over thirty years old the VAT element is reduced to 5%.

Prior to Brexit, there was a free movement of goods, but this is not applicable as the United Kingdom has now left the European Union as of January 2021.

Importing from outside of Europe

Moving to the UK – If you are moving to the UK and want to bring your vehicle with you then you don’t have to pay any import duty or VAT. This is providing you have owned the vehicle for over 6 months and have lived outside the EU for over 12 months. We need your purchase invoice or registration document to prove the length of vehicle ownership and a 12 month old utility bill, bank statement or property purchase/lease agreement to proof the length of time you lived in the country.

Classic cars over 30 years old

In 2010 there was a landmark case won against HMRC that has changed the rules on how we import vehicles that are over 30 years old. Generally vehicles which are in their original state, without substantial changes to the chassis, steering or braking system and engine, at least 30 years old, and of a model or type which is no longer in production will be entered under the historic rate of zero duty and 5% VAT.

If vehicles were built pre 1950 then they are automatically entered at the historic rate of zero duty and 5% VAT.

Importing a vehicle under 30 years old

Manufactured outside the EU – If you import a vehicle from outside of the European Union (EU) that was also built outside the EU you will be required to pay 10% import duty and 20% VAT in order to release it from UK customs. This is calculated on the amount you have purchased the vehicle for in the country you are importing it from.

Manufactured within the EU – If you import a vehicle from outside of the EU that was originally built in the EU for example a Porsche 911 built in Stuttgart, Germany. You have to pay a reduced flat rate of duty which is £50 and then 20% VAT in order to release it from UK customs.

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