DVLA Registration Process

We will mange the paperwork to get your car registered in the United Kingdom.


The Department for Transport & Local Government (DVLA) is responsible for registering vehicles in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It also provides information about vehicle insurance and other services. The DVLA registration process can take from 3 – 4 weeks to issue V5’s for newly imported vehicles. 

DVLA registration foreign vehicles in the UK
dvla registration

My Car Import offers a fully holistic service in order to have your car fully UK road registered with the DVLA.

We have built a strong relationship with the DVLA and are able to ensure that when importing with us, your registration occurs quickly and without issue.

Registration and testing requirements are dealt with in-house and we are able to modify the vehicle to ensure they are compliant with regulations.

If you are importing a car from Europe, we will work to obtain a Certificate of Conformity (if you are not already in possession of one).

This document will then define what modifications are needed to conform to UK road registration rules. This usually entails headlights, speedometer and rear fog light modifications. We can handle all paperwork for the process of having your car UK road registered from mutual recognition process, to V55 import application.

For Non-European imports, we handle NOVA entry of the car into the country, IVA modifications and full testing, as well as the DVLA registration process.

How long does it take to get my vehicle registered with the DVLA?

When you import your vehicle with us, we will request all the necessarily paperwork before we send of your application to the DVLA to make sure it is registered as quickly and efficiently as possible. With us the DVLA are currently taking 3 – 4 weeks to register newly imported vehicles and issue V5’s.


Can you help with the DVLA registration for a former UK car?

If a vehicle was once from the United Kingdom but registered in another country under foreign plates, what do you do?


Under the EU the vehicle market has flourished in terms of import and export. The free movement of goods means that a vehicle can be taken anywhere within the EU without in most cases tax implications. Thanks to the Certificate of Conformity which sets the standard for EU regulations – vehicles can be easily exported in most cases to neighbouring states.

Whatever the reason a car that was formerly registered in the UK is coming back – we can assist with the process of re-registering it. More often than not a vehicle might have been modified for use in another country much like it would have to be if it was a fresh import into the UK.

As such we can undertake the process of modifying the former UK vehicle on your behalf and undertake the DVLA registration on your behalf.

How much vehicle tax will I pay?

Vehicles in the United Kingdom are subject to a yearly tax which has to be paid for the vehicle to be driven here. 

Vehicles in the United Kingdom are subject to a yearly tax that has to be paid for the vehicle to be driven here. It is based on the emissions of the vehicle and has multiple bandings to ensure the correct tax is paid.

Upon registration of a new vehicle in the United Kingdom, a one-off tax payment is due then after 12 months, you will pay a fixed rate. This is called the first tax payment and the second tax payment.

But how much will you pay? Well, this depends entirely on the car and the route to registration.

The greater your vehicle’s emissions the more it will cost to tax. This is where the route to registration can greatly affect the total cost of your import.

Sometimes it might be more beneficial to get compliance under the IVA test scheme. After an IVA test, the emissions are classified as simply under or over 1600cc.

This is critical to note because if you are lucky enough to own something like a ‘Lamborghini Aventador LP 770’, they produce about 450g/km of co2. Which would cost roughly over £2000 your first tax payment?

Under the IVA scheme, that same car would cost significantly less for your first tax payment due to the two bandings for tax as opposed to multiple tax groups. It’s actually over a £1700 saving in this ‘example’ plus the cost of the CoC which at the time of writing is £900.

Many of our customers trust us to import their vehicles because of our diligence in finding the most cost-effective options for their registration.

Please note we are the only IVA test lane in the United Kingdom that is privately owned and able to test M1 class cars.

Frequently asked Questions

Have a question regarding the registration of your vehicle? Don’t hesitate to fill in a quote form so that we can help further.

How much does it cost to register a car in the UK?
The cost of registering a car changes depending on the route to registration, and the vehicle itself. The fees payable to the DVLA are a small part of the overall cost to register a car.
What is the V55?
A V55 is the form used to register your vehicle in the United Kingdom. After completing your testing the application is completed on your behalf and submitted alongside your NOVA number. We ensure your application is correct to avoid any issues resulting in delays in the registration of your vehicle. If you have imported the vehicle yourself and need help with the paperwork don't hesitate to get in touch.
What is a V5C?
On successful registration of your vehicle, a logbook containing the details of your vehicle will be sent to the address you provided. This is an important part of vehicle ownership in the United Kingdom and is similar to the registration certificate from the vehicles origin country you would have provided us when registering your vehicle.
Can you help me to get a Certificate of Conformity?
If you are missing documentation that the DVLA requires to register your vehicle don't hesitate to get in touch and we can assist with sourcing one if your vehicle is from within the EU.
My vehicle hasn't been submitted to NOVA?
If you are looking to register a vehicle already in the United Kingdom and need help with the completion of your NOVA then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We can complete the notification of vehicle arrival on your behalf.
How fast can you register a vehicle?
We work closely with the DVLA and whilst we can't promise anything - our premises is the only privately owned IVA testing lane. This means we can get a car scheduled in for an IVA test quicker than anyone else, and it also means we work closely with the DVLA to overcome any issues in your registration.
Do you deal with grey import registrations?
Regardless of where your vehicle is from, we can help to register it. Get in touch to discuss your unique requirements and we'll put together a bespoke quotation.
What is a remote registration?
There are a large number of vehicles that don't need to come to our premises. It helps to speed up the registration process due to the reduced amount of logistics required. Quite often a popular option for those that are insured to drive their vehicles from within the EU will have their vehicle modified at a local garage and we can help with the paperwork required to register your vehicle.
Same day vehicle compliance for EU manufactured vehicles?
The large majority of imports destined to the UK from within the EU can be modified at a local garage, and we can complete the paperwork. To take the hassle out of this though we can in most cases modify and MOT your vehicle at our premises in Castle Donington on the same day. This depends on the vehicle so please get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.
I've lost my foreign title registration document, can you still register my vehicle?
We understand that things get lost from time to time.Documents are a crucial part of registering any vehicle in the United Kingdom and without them, the registration process can become tricky.At My Car Import, we deal with many issues like this daily. Just get in touch and we'll quote you on fixing the problem. We want to get your vehicle registered as fast as possible so you can enjoy your car in the United Kingdom.
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