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Are you thinking about shipping your car to the United Kingdom from Singapore?


We can help with the entire process of getting your car here. The entire process is managed on your behalf, including the transport to the port in the foreign country and then the onwards customs clearance.

If your car requires collection in Singapore then we can also take care of that. We ship hundreds of cars each month to the United Kingdom and use three ports that are the best located for containers arriving in the United Kingdom from across the globe.

We also have the facilities to Devan containers at our premises which means that your car is usually unloaded at our facilities straight out of the container.

What’s more? We can also assist with the entire process of registering your car once it arrives.

For more information on shipping your car from Singapore to the United Kingdom don’t hesitate to fill in a quote form.  By doing so you give us all the information that we require to give you an accurate assumption of what it will cost to get your car here and register it for you.

Every car is different, and answering questions like “How much does it cost to ship a car from Singapore to the United Kingdom” is best left to a quotation as this means you are getting the best price as we quote prices based on the best deal we can get for you.

If you want to find out more about the process of shipping your car we have a very detailed guide here.

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