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How much does it cost to ship a car from Australia?

Jun, 6 455
The price of shipping really depends on the time of year and the current shipping status.We recommend filling out our quotation form so that we can give you a quotation for shipping your vehicle.Prices actually change every other day so we quote the best price possible.

Packing your vehicle?

Jun, 6 472
If you are a transferring resident and you want to bring your possessions then you can definitely make use of the space in your car. Quite a few of our clients opt to make use of the space to bring over their most valuable possessions.At My Car Import, we would recommend that you pack your vehic...

What is the TOR form?

Jul, 7 2465
The ToR (transfer of resident) form is a declaration of what you are planning to import. It also acts as a confirmation that you are transferring your residency to the United Kingdom.No shipping agent or third party can help you to fill it out. We can give you guidance if you have any queries. ...

What is transfer of residence UK?

Jul, 7 1261
TOR Scheme The transfer of residence scheme was introduced to help individuals to move to the United Kingdom without having to pay VAT or Duties on their possessions. If you have lived outside of the European Union and would like to make the UK your new primary place of residence then you might qua...
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