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How to road register a motocross bike?

Jun, 6 54
If you are looking to register a motocross bike the process is fairly simple. Depending on the age it will need some modifications for compliance and then a few bits of paperwork.We recommend getting in touch so that we can help to register it for you. If you're close to our premises we can help...

Can you help to register my vehicle even if I’ve lost the title?

Jun, 6 45
If you are in a position where paperwork is an issue, we can help.Sometimes the biggest hurdle with registering a car is simply the paperwork exercise.We would highly recommend getting in touch for a quote to see what we can do for you.

Can you help with a dating letter for my classic motorcycle?

Jun, 6 39
If you have gone to the effort of getting your motorbike to the United Kingdom thinking it would be an easy process, only to be faced with the DVLA minefield, then we're here to help.Finding a dating letter for a classic motorcycle can be a bit of a nightmare and we're here to help.If you fi...

Can we help with heritage certificates?

Jun, 6 41
Absolutely. We work with a wide assortment of vehicles and we can help to get you a heritage certificate for nearly any vehicle.It helps to prove the age of the vehicle which is used to help register the vehicle.If you can't get one then we'll help you to obtain one and help with the rest of...

How do I get proof of build date for DVLA?

Jun, 6 46
When registering your vehicle they may be asking for 'proof of build'.In essence, this is their way of saying, we don't know when the vehicle was made.The year of the creation of a vehicle so to speak, is what the DVLA uses to reference all the makes and models in their database. How else wi...

Can you help to get me a Lambretta Dating Letter?

Jun, 6 39
Absolutely. Dating letters are used to help to register in most cases vehicles that are classics.Obviously, the Lambretta is considered a classic, and we have a good relationship with a few of the clubs who can help to provide a dating letter, so we can assist in helping you to get one!Why d...

Can you help with registering a vehicle that has no paperwork?

Jun, 6 325
If you have found yourself with a vehicle that has no paperwork and is not currently registered in the UK then it can be tricky to register.We would recommend filling out the quote request form so that we can understand a little more about the vehicle and to better advise you.Please note tha...

Can you help with registering a car bought in the EU?

Oct, 10 330
If you are planning on purchasing a car in the EU then driving or transporting it back to the United Kingdom to register then we can help.You shouldn't have any VAT to pay but this depends on whether or not the VAT was already paid within the EU.The best thing to do is to fill out a quote re...

Can you help with registering a car for the first time?

Jun, 6 349
Absolutely. If your vehicle has never been registered before then we can help.The best route to take is to fill out a quote request form as your route to registration will change depending on the specifics regarding your vehicle.In your quote, you'll receive useful information on the process...

Registering a motorcycle with no paperwork?

Sep, 9 463
If you are in the tricky position of having a motorbike that has no paperwork with it the chances are you have discovered that it is a minefield to register one without any supporting documentation.My Car Import deals with a plethora of registration scenarios that aren't as straightforward as yo...