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Are motorhomes exempt from ULEZ?

Jul, 7 39
Travelling back to the UK in your motorhome? If you're planning on driving through London you may want to be aware of the ULEZ zone. Climate change is pushing us into the way we think and more importantly act. London has introduced a ULEZ, ultra-low emissions zone. This has come from the growing co...

Are motorhomes cheaper in Europe?

Jun, 6 23
From our experience with clients, we have found that typically motorhome can be found cheaper with Europe, mainly Germany and the Netherlands.This isn’t to say you won’t find what you’re looking for here in the United Kindom it all depends on your needs.If you’re already in Europe then this ...

Do you import motorhomes from America?

Jun, 6 39
Yes, here at My Car Import we can help assist you with importing your American Motorhome into the United Kingdom. We understand that your motorhome is more than just a vehicle to you, it’s a home away from home. Your imported motorhome has a great sentimental value to you and we pride ourselves on ...