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Can we MoT your vehicle?

Jun, 6 57
Absolutely. We have a test center onsite to ensure your vehicle never has to leave our premises.We also have a team of trained experts ready to help with any issues.

What if my vehicle fails its MOT test?

Sep, 9 411
If your vehicle fails an MOT test it will require remedial repairs to ensure that it is roadworthy.This means that your vehicle cannot be registered until the MOT test has been passed.If we are importing your vehicle and it is with us then we can undertake any work after providing you with a...

Should you MOT your classic import?

Sep, 9 436
The MOT exemption rules have opened up the floodgates for some pristine classic cars finding their way into the UK.We register hundreds of classic cars each year and if you need assistance please don't hesitate to get in touch.One thing we would recommend though, MOT test your classic car. M...

Why do you need an MOT test?

Sep, 9 496
The MOT test is a sign that a vehicle is roadworthy and usable on the roads. In the United Kingdom, it is required to register vehicles and is conducted yearly.Common MOT failures are safety features relating to suspension, brakes, and loose objects. Most imports will fail due to their headlight...

When will your car need an MOT?

Sep, 9 474
The MOT is carried out once a year in the United Kingdom and lasts for an entire year. A vehicle cannot be driven on the road without a valid MOT if it is registered here.Your vehicle will have an MOT test conducted unless it is under three years old and will require one each year after it has b...