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Who sell old American pickup trucks in the United Kingdom?

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If you would prefer to not import a car yourself there are a few companies in the United Kingdom who can help you.

Obviously if you choose to import a car we can help you.

These dealerships often import classic and vintage cars from the United States, including iconic American pickup trucks. However, keep in mind that the availability of specific dealers and their inventory can change over time, so it’s essential to conduct a fresh search online or directly contact these dealers for the most up-to-date information. Here are some dealerships known for dealing with old American pickup trucks in the UK:

RK Leighton:

RK Leighton is a well-known classic car dealer in the UK that occasionally has American pickup trucks in their inventory.

American Autoparts:

American Autoparts is a specialist parts supplier, but they may also have some old American pickup trucks available for sale.


AutoVillage is an online platform that aggregates listings from various dealerships across the UK. They may have listings for old American pickup trucks.

Car and Classic:

Similar to AutoVillage, Car and Classic is an online marketplace that features classic cars, including vintage American pickup trucks.

Classic Cars for Sale:

Another online platform specializing in classic cars, where you may find old American pickup trucks listed for sale.


Hemmings is an international marketplace for classic and collector cars, and they may have listings from UK-based sellers offering old American pickup trucks.

When searching for old American pickup trucks in the UK, be sure to use specific keywords like “classic American pickup trucks for sale UK” or “vintage American trucks in the UK” to narrow down your search results. Additionally, consider joining relevant online forums or communities where enthusiasts discuss classic cars and trucks, as they might have valuable insights and leads on where to find these cars in the UK.

Some times there might be fantastic examples in the United Kingdom so you can save yourself a little trouble.

However, we always think that importing a classic car is exciting and you might be able to find yourself a better deal in America.

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