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Where do COSCO ship from?

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As one of the major container shipping companies in the world, COSCO Shipping Group (China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited) operates from various ports across different regions, facilitating international trade and shipping of goods. COSCO Shipping’s extensive network covers many countries and continents, connecting major ports around the globe.

Some of the key regions and countries from which COSCO Shipping operates and ships goods include:

  1. China: COSCO Shipping is a Chinese state-owned shipping company, and it has a strong presence in various ports along China’s coastline, including major hubs like Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, and Shenzhen.
  2. Asia: COSCO Shipping operates in other Asian countries, serving ports in South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and more.
  3. Europe: COSCO Shipping has a significant presence in Europe, operating from major ports in Northern Europe (e.g., Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg) and the Mediterranean (e.g., Piraeus, Valencia, Istanbul).
  4. North America: COSCO Shipping serves ports on both the East Coast (e.g., New York, Norfolk, Savannah) and the West Coast (e.g., Los Angeles, Long Beach) of North America.
  5. Middle East: COSCO Shipping connects various Middle Eastern countries with its shipping services, serving ports in the United Arab Emirates (e.g., Jebel Ali), Saudi Arabia, Oman, and others.
  6. Africa: COSCO Shipping operates from ports in various African countries, including those in South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, and other key locations.
  7. South America: COSCO Shipping serves ports in South American countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and others.
  8. Oceania: COSCO Shipping provides shipping services to and from Oceania, serving ports in Australia (e.g., Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane) and New Zealand.

These are just a few examples of the regions and countries from which COSCO Shipping ships goods. Due to the company’s extensive global network, COSCO Shipping connects numerous other ports in different countries, offering a wide range of shipping options to meet the needs of businesses and industries worldwide.

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