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What is the TOR form?

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The ToR (transfer of resident) form is a declaration of what you are planning to import. It also acts as a confirmation that you are transferring your residency to the United Kingdom.

No shipping agent or third party can help you to fill it out. We can give you guidance if you have any queries.

Upon completing your ToR1 form a number is provided that can be used to declare the goods at customs meaning you won’t pay any tax.

If you are planning on importing your car to the United Kingdom and need help with the process of bringing it here and registering it.

We think that if you are given the chance to import your car it can be a great way to bring something special. Equally, if you do it ahead of time your car can be ready for when you move here.

A lot of the time we see people importing a range of cars from luxury sedans to supercars.

We would advise having a think about how much money it will cost to buy a new car in the United Kingdom vs the cost of importing your current one.

If you are concerned about driving a left-hand drive in the United Kingdom we wouldn’t worry about it! You’ll soon get the hang of it.

As we have now left the EU you can do a ToR form if you are moving from an EU country.

So for the most part, nothing has changed, especially if you are moving here.

It affects the used car market more than those wanting to reside in the United Kingdom.

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