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What is an arrival notice?

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An arrival notice, also known as an arrival notification or arrival advice, is a document or communication issued by a shipping carrier, freight forwarder, or logistics provider to inform the recipient or consignee about the imminent arrival of a shipment. It serves as a notification that the goods or shipment have arrived at the designated destination or port of entry.

The arrival notice typically includes important details and information related to the shipment, allowing the recipient to prepare for the arrival and take necessary actions. The specific content of an arrival notice may vary depending on the shipping company or logistics provider, but it generally includes the following:

  1. Shipment Details: The arrival notice provides information about the shipment, including the tracking number, bill of lading number, or any other reference numbers associated with the shipment. It may also include the origin and destination of the shipment.
  2. Arrival Date and Time: The notice informs the recipient of the expected arrival date and time of the shipment. This allows the recipient to plan and make necessary arrangements for the clearance, unloading, or pickup of the goods.
  3. Delivery Instructions: The arrival notice may include specific instructions regarding the delivery or pickup of the shipment. It may specify the location, contact person, or any special requirements for receiving the goods.
  4. Customs Documentation: If the shipment involves international transport, the arrival notice may include information related to customs clearance and any required documentation or procedures that the recipient needs to follow.
  5. Charges and Fees: The notice may include details of any charges or fees associated with the shipment’s arrival, such as customs duties, taxes, storage fees, or other handling charges. It allows the recipient to be aware of the financial obligations and make necessary arrangements for payment.
  6. Contact Information: The arrival notice provides contact information for the shipping carrier, freight forwarder, or logistics provider. This allows the recipient to reach out for any inquiries, clarifications, or coordination related to the arrival of the shipment.

Receiving an arrival notice is an important step in the shipping process, as it provides the recipient with essential information about the arrival of the goods and facilitates smooth logistics operations. It allows the recipient to plan for customs clearance, arrange for transportation or delivery, and ensure timely handling of the shipment.

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