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What is a certificate of conformity?

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Welcome to My Car Import, we are the UK’s leading vehicle importer. If you are looking for more information on importing a car with a Certificate of Conformity, we are here to help.

Before reading on we recommend that if you want help registering your vehicle here, in the United Kingdom – to fill out a quote form.

We always recommend to fill in a quote form if you are looking to import a car to the United Kingdom as we will tell you the best and simplest route to registration.

If you are interested in what a Certificate of Conformity is, read on to find out more.

A Certificate of Conformity (CoC) is an official document issued by the manufacturer that certifies a car’s compliance with specific technical and regulatory standards. It also lists basically everything there is to know about the car. This standardised document is usable across countries to assist in the process of registering cars because it shows proof of compliance.

What do we mean by proof of compliance ?

A CoC serves as proof that a car conforms to applicable regulations, such as safety, emissions, and environmental standards. It indicates that the car has been designed and manufactured in accordance with the specifications and requirements set by the authorities.

This is actually standardised across the motoring industry and is used to assist in things like, putting your vehicle into a road tax bracket based on the emissions stated on the CoC.

What other information do they include on a CoC?

CoCs typically follow a standardized format and include essential information about the car, such as its identification details (VIN), technical specifications, and the specific regulations it conforms to.

This changes year to year but for the most part the information supplied is the same as they use them as a standard format across the motoring industry.

How do they make Certificates of Conformity?

When car manufactures make a car, they will send off the car for testing at third parties, the data is collated, logged and then a CoC is declared. In some cases, third-party agencies may also issue CoCs after conducting the necessary tests and inspections to verify compliance.

Why do you need one for registering a car?

In the United Kingdom you do not necessarily need a CoC to register a car. It can sometimes just be the best route to registration, of course if you get in touch we can assist with the entire process.

In the EU however, it is a lot more common to see the use of a CoC being used for registering a vehicle. Because it demonstrates that the car meets the necessary safety and environmental standards to be legally operated on public roads.

These standards are mostly the same across the entire EU.

What is EU Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA)?

In the European Union, the CoC is commonly associated with the Whole Vehicle Type Approval (WVTA) system. The WVTA ensures that cars meet a comprehensive set of technical, safety, and environmental requirements before they can be sold or registered within the EU member states.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements and regulations surrounding CoCs may vary between countries and regions.

If you are importing a car or need a CoC for a specific purpose, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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