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What country is E on a number plate?

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In the international car registration system, the letter “E” on a number plate typically indicates the country of Spain. Each country participating in the system is assigned a unique two-letter country code, and “E” is the country code specifically assigned to Spain.

The international car registration system, also known as the “International Vehicle Registration Code” or “International Oval,” was established by the United Nations to provide a standardized way of identifying the country of origin of a car when traveling across international borders. The system uses two or three-letter codes to represent each country, and these codes are often displayed on cars using oval-shaped stickers or decals. For example, the code “E” would be displayed on a car with a Spanish origin.

It’s important to note that while many countries participate in the international car registration system, not all countries use it, and some countries have their own unique registration systems that do not follow the international codes. Therefore, the presence of the letter “E” on a number plate alone does not guarantee that the car is from Spain. Additional country-specific identifiers on the number plate or other car documents would be needed to confirm its origin definitively.

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