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VW Owners Clubs in the UK

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  1. Volkswagen Owners Club (VWOC):
    • Website:
    • VWOC is one of the largest and oldest VW clubs in the UK, catering to all Volkswagen models.
  2. Volkswagen Type 2 Owners’ Club (T2OC):
    • Website:
    • T2OC is dedicated to owners and enthusiasts of Volkswagen Type 2 (T2) vehicles, including the iconic VW camper vans.
  3. Volkswagen Polo Owners Club (VWPOC):
    • Website:
    • VWPOC is focused on Volkswagen Polo enthusiasts and owners.
  4. Volkswagen Golf Owners Club (VGOC):
  5. Volkswagen Passat Owners Club (VWPOC):
  6. Volkswagen Audi Group Enthusiasts (VAGen):
    • Website:
    • VAGen caters to a broader audience of Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, and ┼ákoda owners and enthusiasts.
  7. Volkswagen Scirocco Owners Club (VW SOC):
    • Website:
    • VW SOC is specifically for Volkswagen Scirocco owners and fans.
  8. Volkswagen Corrado Club of Great Britain (VCCGB):
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