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Norton owners clubs in the UK

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If you are importing your Norton to the United Kingdom from a close country and want to find like minded people to talk to about your motorbike, here are some of the clubs that are in the UK.

  1. Norton Owners Club (NOC): The Norton Owners Club is one of the most well-known and established organizations for Norton motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. They cater to all Norton models, from classic vintage to modern Norton motorcycles. The club offers events, rallies, technical support, and a magazine for its members.
  2. Norton Owners Club Southern Section: This regional branch of the Norton Owners Club serves Norton enthusiasts in the southern part of the UK. They organize local events, meetings, and rides for their members.
  3. Norton Owners Club North West Section: Focused on the North West of England, this regional branch of the Norton Owners Club hosts events, runs, and gatherings for Norton owners and fans in the region.
  4. Norton Owners Club West Midlands Section: This regional section of the Norton Owners Club covers the West Midlands area and offers local events and support for Norton motorcycle enthusiasts.
  5. Norton Owners Club Scotland: Norton Owners Club Scotland is dedicated to Norton motorcycle enthusiasts in Scotland. They organize rides and events, providing opportunities for Scottish Norton owners to connect.
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