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Is road tax the same on an imported car as it is a non imported car in the UK?

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  • Is road tax the same on an imported car as it is a non imported car in the UK?
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Road tax (also known as Vehicle Excise Duty or VED) in the United Kingdom can vary depending on several factors, including the type of car, its emissions, and its registration date. When it comes to imported cars versus non-imported cars, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

1. Emissions and Tax Bands:

Road tax in the UK is determined based on a car’s CO2 emissions and its tax band. Vehicles with higher emissions generally incur higher road tax costs. If you’re importing a car, the emissions and tax band of that car will influence the amount of road tax you need to pay.

2. Registration Date and Tax Changes:

The registration date of the car plays a role in determining the applicable road tax rates. Different tax bands and rates might apply to cars registered before or after specific changes in road tax regulations. This can affect both imported and non-imported cars.

3. Imported Car Emissions Data:

When importing a car, it’s important to provide accurate emissions data for the car. The emissions data is used to determine the appropriate tax band and subsequent road tax rate. Make sure the emissions data is correctly assessed and documented during the import process.

4. Changes in Taxation Policies:

Road tax regulations and rates can change over time due to government policies aimed at promoting cleaner and more fuel-efficient cars. Imported and non-imported cars are subject to these changes.

5. Vehicle Modifications:

If your imported car undergoes modifications to improve its emissions or fuel efficiency, it might affect its road tax band and rate. Be aware that modifications could impact the overall road tax cost.

6. Historic and Classic Vehicles:

Imported historic or classic cars might be eligible for reduced or even zero road tax, depending on their age and historical status. This applies to both imported and non-imported cars.

In summary, road tax on imported cars in the UK is not inherently different from non-imported cars. Both imported and non-imported cars are subject to the same road tax regulations and calculations based on factors like emissions, tax bands, and registration date. However, the specific amount of road tax you’ll pay for an imported car depends on its emissions and other relevant factors, just as it would for a non-imported car. It’s important to research and understand the road tax implications of your specific imported car and ensure accurate emissions data is provided during the registration process.

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