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How to transport a moped?

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When you freshly import a moped you technically can’t ride it until it is registered. So you will need to transport it. We can assist with the shipping, transport, and everything else required to get it registered.

Just fill out the quote form and we will give you a quote, but here is a rough guide on how to transport a moped.

Transporting a moped can be relatively straightforward with the right planning and equipment. Here’s a general guide on how to transport a moped safely:

1. Choose a Transport Method: There are several methods you can use to transport a moped, depending on the distance, car availability, and your personal preferences. The most common methods include:

a. Truck or Trailer: You can use a pickup truck or a trailer to transport your moped. Make sure the truck or trailer has secure tie-down points.

b. Van or SUV: If you have a larger car with enough space, you can transport the moped inside it. Make sure to secure the moped to prevent it from moving around.

c. Roof Rack: Some roof racks are designed to carry mopeds. This method works well if you have a roof rack system installed on your car.

2. Gather Necessary Equipment: You’ll need some equipment to properly secure your moped during transport:

  • Ratchet Straps or Tie-Downs: These will be used to secure the moped to the car.
  • Soft Straps: Use these to protect the moped’s handlebars or any other areas that could get scratched.
  • Padding: Foam padding can be placed between the moped and the car to prevent scratches.
  • Loading Ramp: If you’re using a truck or trailer, a loading ramp will help you get the moped onto the car.

3. Prepare the Moped: Before transporting the moped, make sure to:

  • Turn off the Engine: Ensure the moped’s engine is turned off.
  • Secure Loose Items: Remove any loose items from the moped, such as bags or accessories.
  • Lock the Steering: Lock the moped’s steering to prevent it from moving during transport.

4. Loading the Moped: Loading the moped onto the transport car will depend on the method you’re using:

  • Truck or Trailer: Use a loading ramp to guide the moped onto the truck or trailer. Have someone assist you if possible. Make sure the moped is centered and balanced.
  • Van or SUV: Carefully guide the moped into the car’s cargo area. Use ramps if needed.
  • Roof Rack: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly secure the moped to the roof rack.

5. Securing the Moped: Use the ratchet straps or tie-downs to secure the moped to the car. Here’s a general process:

  • Attach the soft straps to the handlebars or other secure points on the moped.
  • Use the ratchet straps to secure the moped to the tie-down points on the car.
  • Tighten the straps evenly to prevent the moped from moving.

6. Test the Securing: Give the moped a gentle shake to ensure it’s securely fastened and won’t shift during transit.

7. Drive Cautiously: Drive carefully, especially if you’re transporting the moped on an external rack. Take turns and bumps slowly to avoid damaging the moped or the car.

8. Unloading: When you reach your destination, carefully unload the moped using a ramp if necessary.

Remember that specific instructions might vary based on the type of moped and the equipment you have available. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for both your moped and the transport equipment you’re using. If you’re not confident in your ability to transport the moped safely, consider seeking professional help or advice.

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