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Can you book an IVA test at our facility?

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We don’t offer our IVA testing lane to the general public and it is only for our customers who are importing their car with us. From time to time we might offer this as a service if we are also modifying the car for compliance.

It is an advantage of using our service and not something that we offer to anyone who isn’t importing their cars with us.

If we are taking care of the registration on your behalf then we can slot you into our IVA test schedule and also take care of the modifications.

We do aim to provide a service to all of our customers but we only have a certain number of testing days per calendar month, which is offered to customers who have already had their car undergo an already lengthy journey to the United Kingdom.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch so that we can see what we can do for your particular car import if you are after more than an IVA test and we hope the above helps you to understand why we cannot be used like a government testing centre.

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