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Can we import a drift car to the United Kingdom?

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  • Can we import a drift car to the United Kingdom?
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Yes, you can import a drift car to the United Kingdom, but there are specific regulations and considerations you should be aware of before doing so. Drift cars are cars modified for the purpose of drifting, a motorsport where drivers intentionally slide their cars sideways through corners. If you’re considering importing a drift car to the UK, here’s what you need to know:

1. Vehicle Import Regulations:

Importing a drift car to the UK involves various regulations and steps:

  • Vehicle Identification: Ensure the car has proper identification, including the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and ownership history.
  • Shipping and Logistics: Arrange shipping from the country of origin to the UK. Work with shipping companies, freight forwarders, and customs agents.
  • Customs and Import Duties: Be prepared for customs clearance and potential import duties.
  • IVA Test: If the drift car is not European Whole Vehicle Type Approved (WVTA), it may need to undergo an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test to ensure safety and compliance with UK regulations.

2. Vehicle Modifications and Compliance:

Drift cars often have modifications for performance and aesthetics. It’s important to ensure these modifications comply with UK regulations for safety, emissions, and roadworthiness. Some modifications might need to be reverted or adjusted to pass the IVA test.

3. Documentation and Paperwork:

Accurate documentation is crucial, including ownership history, registration documents, and any relevant certificates.

4. Vehicle Condition:

Assess the condition of the drift car before importing it. If the car has been used for motorsport, check for signs of wear and evaluate its overall condition.

5. Costs and Budgeting:

Importing a drift car involves costs such as shipping fees, import duties, potential modifications, testing fees, and registration expenses. Proper budgeting is essential.

6. Motorsport Considerations:

If you plan to use the drift car for motorsport activities in the UK, be aware of specific regulations and requirements set by motorsport organizations and venues.

7. Insurance:

Consider insurance coverage for the drift car, especially if you intend to use it for motorsport events.

8. Specialist Knowledge:

Working with import specialists and automotive experts who understand drift cars and the import process can be beneficial.

9. Vehicle Usage:

Be aware of how you intend to use the drift car. Some modifications suitable for drift events might not be road-legal, so modifications might need to be adjusted for road use.

Importing a drift car to the UK requires careful planning and adherence to regulations. Consulting with import specialists, automotive professionals, and legal advisors who are familiar with the process can help ensure a smooth and compliant importation process, allowing you to enjoy your drift car on UK roads or tracks.

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