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Can Kei cars go on the Motorway?

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In Japan, Kei cars are subject to certain restrictions that can vary depending on the specific model and its classification. Generally, Kei cars have limitations on their maximum speed and engine size due to their classification as small, lightweight cars. This classification is designed for urban and local transportation rather than high-speed highway driving.

Kei cars are typically limited to a maximum engine displacement of around 660cc and are designed with lower power output compared to larger cars. As a result, their performance characteristics might not make them well-suited for extended periods of high-speed driving on motorways, especially when compared to larger and more powerful cars.

However, regulations and restrictions can differ between countries, and it’s possible that Kei cars in some regions might be allowed on certain sections of motorways or highways. It’s essential to check the local regulations and restrictions in your country to determine whether Kei cars are permitted on motorways and under what conditions.

If you’re considering using a Kei car on motorways, it’s important to keep in mind their limited power and speed capabilities. Before venturing onto high-speed roads, it’s advisable to ensure that the car’s engine and components are in good condition, and that you’re aware of its performance limitations to ensure safe driving.

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