IVA testing

We manage our onsite IVA test schedule

No government waiting times – we’re privately owned and can get your vehicle in for its IVA quicker than anywhere else.


As we own our premises and liaise with the DVSA there are a number of benefits which have already been mentioned. But as the leading experts in the United Kingdom for importing vehicles we have been granted the ability to test vehicles onsite.

This means your vehicle is never leaving to travel to a government location for the test to happen and we’re proud to be able to offer this service to our customers.

With preallocated slots each week you can expect faster turn around times and more flexibility should an issue arrise with your vehicles IVA test. There is no other company in the United Kingdom who can offer a service quite like it.

What is Individual Vehicle Approval?



IVA stands for Individual Vehicle Approval and relates to Type Approval of vehicles in the UK. Type Approval is the process which ensures that vehicles, their systems and components, meet the appropriate environmental and safety standards for use in the UK and Europe.

For your vehicle to be registered into the UK it must show that it has some form of Type Approval. In the case of new right hand drive vehicles supplied at your local retailer they will be supplied by the manufacturer with a mass scale Type Approval called a certificate of conformity.

For the rest of us who either have a vehicle we are importing from outside the EU or a left hand drive vehicle, we can use the IVA test to gain the type approval we need to register our vehicle.

What should you be aware of during the IVA test?

The inspection itself and what is tested on the vehicle

Imported Dodge Challenger into the UK

In the United Kingdom all vehicles require an MOT to prove that a vehicle is ‘road worthy’ and safe. But the IVA test looks at the vehicle from a different perspective. The very design of the vehicle is assesd to ensure that it meets regulations that are in place across the EU.

Most of the time a vehicle will need an IVA test if it wasn’t manufatured within the EU and isn’t older than ten years old simply because in the EU a CoC is proof that the vehicle already conforms, ergo an IVA test might not be needed unless an EU manufactured vehicles COC cannot be obtained.

Who are the DVSA?

The governing body for ensuring vehicle compliance

An IVA test is undertaken by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency at a DVSA testing station or a DVSA approved designated premises like our own. The DVSA staff visit our site throughout the week and carry out inspections on our clients vehicles accompanied by one of our IVA technicians. Having an experienced technician presenting your vehicle for test is a massive advantage over presenting the vehicle for test yourself because you are often required to show certain components of the vehicle to an examiner that may be behind trim panels or in hard to reach areas of the engine bay. Once satisfied they issue IVA pass certificates that we use to register your vehicle with the DVLA.

Your vehicle will always need some level of modification to achieve UK type approval and our technicians have the experience to pre prepare your vehicle to IVA standard so when it is inspected we have the confidence it will pass every time.

We will handle all the paperwork involved with your application electronically with our contacts at VOSA so you won’t waste any time posting paperwork back and forth until it is correct.


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