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Importing a van to the United Kingdom

Depending on the type of van you are importing we can help to get it modified and registered. We’ve imported everything from classic American trucks through to modern campervan conversions.

One of the most frequently requested import is usually assistance with registering an imported van as a motorhome which is something that we can also assist with. In fact, if you are importing a camper conversion you’ll benefit from cheaper insurance by correctly registering it as a motorhome / campervan in comparison to a panel van if you weren’t already aware.

If you want to find out more about how we can help, then we would recommend filling out our quote form.

Once we have it and all the details of your imported van we can assist with tailoring the quote to cover the entire process of collecting, shipping, modifying, and registering your van.

We can pick up the import at any stage of the process and can work on shipping agents on your behalf if you need assistance.

As a company, we’re enthusiastic about the automotive industry and helping private individuals to get their vans on the road in the UK.

If you are a business yourself we can also advise on the process of VAT during the NOVA process which is a common query for businesses bringing ‘trade’ cars into the United Kingdom.

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