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We have completed countless shipping journeys for customers from all over the world. There probably are not many countries we have not imported cars from.

Our team is made up of expert mechanics, experienced logistic management agents on every continent and many other experts in their fields to provide you with a seamless experience importing your car via sea freight.

We have recently upgraded facilities and have a unique relationship with the DVSA, which means we can conduct IVA testing on-site if required.

We are the only car importers in the country to have a private testing lane. DVSA inspectors come to us when your car is being tested. Alternatively, depending on the route to registration we can also MoT your car onsite.

Keeping everything under one roof speeds up the process tremendously as we don’t have to take your car off-site and book a test at another facility.

Once your car arrives at our facilities, it only leaves once it is registered. It will stay in our safe hands until you are ready for collection or have it delivered to you.

Our newly acquired premises are safe, secure, and incredibly vast – meaning your car isn’t going to be packed away in a corner.

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