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Importing your Pontiac to the United Kingdom

Regardless of where the Pontiac is currently located we can assist with the entire process of collecting it and shipping it.

We pride ourselves on offering a full service import which means that we take care of everything for you. But we understand that there are many individuals who would just like a shipping service provided for their Pontiac.

These mostly come from the United States and with our consolidated shipping service we can offer due to the number of cars we move it brings the price down for you.

That aside, we can also offer logistics support for moving the Pontiac around at either end of the cars journey to the United Kingdom. And if you do decide to let us help you with the modifications and registration of your Pontiac don’t hesitate to ask.

The best way to get started is to fill out a quote form. This will enable us to put together a bespoke quote to get your car to the United Kingdom as fast as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Can we help with importing older Pontiacs?

We deal with a large array of imports and we have imported quite a few classic Pontiacs to the United Kingdom.

If you would like to find out more we recommend filling in the quote form so that we can provide you more details about what we can do for you.

Can we store your imported Pontiac?

Depending on what you are importing we will store your car at our premises. Some individuals who are importing a classic Pontiac often opt to get the car delivered to their homes but we understand this might not always be feasible.

It is worth bearing in mind that not all cars need to come to our premises. Fill in a quote form for more information on what we can help with.

What are popular Pontiacs to import to the UK?

Importing a Pontiac to the UK can be an exciting endeavor for classic car enthusiasts. Pontiac, a former division of General Motors known for its performance-oriented vehicles, produced several iconic models over the years. While the popularity of specific Pontiac models may vary among collectors, here are some popular Pontiacs that enthusiasts often consider importing to the UK:

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am (1969-2002):

The Firebird Trans Am is one of the most iconic Pontiac models, known for its distinctive design, especially the “Screaming Chicken” decal on the hood.
Popular variants include the Trans Am SD-455, Trans Am 455 Super Duty, and the later WS6 models.

The Firebird Trans Am gained fame through its appearances in movies and television series, such as “Smokey and the Bandit.”

Pontiac GTO (1964-1974):

Often regarded as one of the first muscle cars, the GTO, also known as “The Goat,” was known for its powerful V8 engines and sporty design.
The early GTOs, particularly the ’64-’66 models, are highly sought after by collectors.

Pontiac Grand Prix (1962-2008):

The Grand Prix was Pontiac’s mid-size luxury performance car.
Early models are known for their distinctive styling, while later versions offered comfort and performance.

Pontiac Bonneville (1957-2005):

The Bonneville is known for its longevity and full-size luxury features.
Classic models like the 1958 Bonneville are particularly popular among collectors.

Pontiac Le Mans (1961-1981):

The Le Mans was available in various body styles, including coupes, convertibles, and sedans.
Some Le Mans models, such as the GTO, are highly coveted.

Pontiac Solstice (2006-2009):

A more recent addition to Pontiac’s lineup, the Solstice was a compact sports car known for its sleek design.
While not a classic in the traditional sense, it can still be an attractive choice for enthusiasts.

Pontiac Fiero (1984-1988):

The Fiero was Pontiac’s mid-engine sports car.
Its unique design and the fact that it was discontinued relatively quickly have made it a collector’s item.

Pontiac Tempest (1960-1970):

The Tempest was available in various configurations, including as a compact car and as a platform for the GTO.

Early models like the 1964 Tempest GTO are of particular interest to collectors.
When importing a Pontiac to the UK, it’s essential to consider factors such as the vehicle’s condition, availability of replacement parts, and compliance with UK regulations and safety standards. Additionally, each model may have unique considerations, so thorough research and verification are crucial to ensure a smooth importation process and enjoyable ownership experience.


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