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Importing your BMW to the United Kingdom

BMW’s are renowned for their performance and reliability so it comes as no surprise that most owners want to hold onto them for as long as possible. We get a plethora of imports from those who have either owned the car for several years or those who are passionate and have decided to import one of the rarer models into the United Kingdom.

Importing BMW’s is a fairly straightforward process for which we offer a remote registration service or a one-day registration service depending on the age of the car. If it needs to come to our premises for further modifications or alternative testing we will inform you in our quotation.

At My Car Import, each quote to import a BMW is very specific to the car itself – taking into consideration the age and location. As a business we have a streamlined process for importing and registering BMW’s that takes away the issues that can come with importing a car.

If your BMW is coming from further afield and you want us to take care of that stage of the car import? Our logistics experts are on hand to ensure it arrives safely and all customs paperwork is completed accurately.

Having registered more than our fair share of BMW’s we also have excellent contacts within the industry if your car requires anything like a new speedometer or headlights. More often than not older cars that aren’t digitally switchable will require a new speedometer fascia change but we’re on hand to advise during the quotation phase.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the import of your BMW and we’ll advise exactly how we can help you to get your car on the road in the United Kingdom.

We can help you to import a wide range of BMW's

From classic BMW’s to modern ones, we can help you to import and register nearly anything. Here are a few of the most popular BMW’s that we have imported.

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