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Importing an Alfa Romeo to the United Kingdom

We are experts

My Car Import has decades of experience importing cars and we are the only privately owned IVA testing facility in the United Kingdom.

We’re here to help at any stage of your Alfa Romeo’s importation into the UK.

We import cars of all types

As ‘Door to Door’ registration specialists we’ll take your car from anywhere into the world and get it registered for you. That includes the shipping process, modifications, and final registration of the car.

There are a plethora of rules surrounding the importation of cars and we have a large amount of information on this website that should help with understanding how the import process works.

A door to door experience

Depending on where your Alfa Romeo is currently located and the age can alter a variety of factors including the route to registration.

To clear everything up we recommend filling out our quotation form which will outline the process required specifically for your Alfa.

Please note that the quotation form is the fastest and most accurate way to get a quote. But don’t hesitate to call up if you have any issues and we should be able to advise over the phone.

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