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Importing your car from UAE to the United Kingdom

We handle the whole process of importing your car from the UAE, including shipping, testing and registering cars. We can handle any age or type of car. We are experts in the process and offer a one stop shop for importing your car.

We ship your car from Jebel Ali and our agents assist with the whole RTA deregistration process. We can also organise inland trucking to the port for very competitive rates. From the UAE we ship cars using shared containers, meaning you benefit from a reduced rate for moving your car to the UK by sharing the containers with our other client’s cars. Get a quote today and see the cost of importing your car from the UAE to the UK.

Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to transport a car from the UAE to the United Kingdom?

The duration it takes to transport a car from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United Kingdom can vary based on several factors, including the mode of transportation, the specific route, customs procedures, and any unforeseen delays. Here are some general estimates for different modes of transportation:

Shipping by Sea: Shipping a car from the UAE to the UK by sea is a common method. The duration can vary depending on the shipping route, the shipping company, and the port of departure and arrival. On average, it can take around 4 to 6 weeks for the sea journey. However, this is a rough estimate, and actual transit times can be influenced by factors like weather conditions, customs clearance, and the specific shipping schedule.

Customs Clearance: Clearing customs at both the departure and arrival ports can take time. Proper documentation, import permits, and compliance with customs regulations are crucial to avoid delays. Customs clearance might take a few days to a week or more, depending on the efficiency of the processes and any potential issues that arise.

Unforeseen Delays: Various unforeseen factors can impact the transportation process, such as adverse weather conditions, port congestion, or logistical challenges. These delays can add extra time to the overall journey.

Choice of Shipping Service: There are different types of shipping services available, such as roll-on/roll-off (RoRo) and container shipping. RoRo is generally faster and involves driving the car onto a specialized ship, while container shipping provides more protection but might take slightly longer due to handling and securing procedures.

Mode of Transport within the UK: Once the car arrives in the UK, you’ll need to consider the time it takes to transport the car from the port of arrival to your desired location within the UK. This could involve road transport, which may take a few days.

Documentation and Preparation: Proper documentation and preparation before shipping are essential. This includes providing accurate information about the car, obtaining necessary export and import permits, and ensuring the car meets the UK’s safety and emission standards.

It’s important to note that these estimates are general guidelines and actual transit times can vary. Additionally, regulations and procedures may change over time, so it’s recommended to work with experienced international shipping and logistics companies that can provide you with accurate information, assist with the process, and help you navigate any challenges that may arise during the transportation of your car from the UAE to the UK.

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