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Importing your car from Singapore to the United Kingdom

We are experts in importing cars from Singapore, including the export, shipping, customs clearance, UK inland trucking, compliance testing and DVLA registration. We handle the whole process, saving you time, hassle and unforeseen costs.

On this web page we will go into some of the process of importing your car or motorbike from Singapore, but we would always advise filling in the quotation form for an idea of the costs involved for importing your vehicle.

You can also watch our company video for more information about the process of importation to the United Kingdom.

What do we offer?

We pride ourselves on being able to take care of the entire process on your behalf.


We can assist with safely transporting your vehicle from its current location to the place your vehicle will be shipped from in Singapore.


We take care of the entire process of getting your vehicle loaded into a container ready to set sail from Singapore bound for the UK.

Customs Clearance

You don't need to deal with any third parties as we manage your customs clearance in the United Kingdom to avoid any storage fees.


We will modify your vehicle to ensure that it is compliant in the United Kingdom at our premises in Castle Donnington.


We will undertake any of the required MOT or IVA testing and if any remedial work is required we will also undertake this.


We will fill in the paperwork on your behalf once testing has been completed so that we can put your vehicle in for registration.

Are you looking for a quote to import your car from Singapore?

Getting your car to the United Kingdom from Singapore

We have been importing cars from Singapore for a long time and we are here to assist with the entire process of getting your car here.

If your car is already here, don’t worry. Just fill in a quote form and we can assist with the rest of the process.

If your car is not already in the United Kingdom then usually we will arrange collection of your vehicle in Singapore as part of the full import service that we offer.

After the vehicle is collected it will make its way to the closest possible port to ship the vehicle from.

How do we ship cars to the UK?

We ship cars from Singapore using shared containers, meaning you benefit from a cheaper rates for moving your car to the UK due to sharing the container space with other cars we are importing on behalf of our clients.

LTA deregistration of the car is now an online process and we can supply guides on how to do this to ensure you receive the relevant Singapore registrations fees back as a rebate.

The duration of shipping a car from Singapore to the UK can vary depending on several factors, including the shipping method, the specific route taken, customs procedures, and logistical arrangements. However, as a general guideline, the shipping time can range from approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

What is the customs clearance process?

The customs clearance process and paperwork required to clear your car are handled by ourselves to ensure your car does not incur any additional storage fees.

We manage this in house to ensure there are no delays at any point of the importation of your vehicle to the UK.

What happens once your car is here?

Unloading at our premises

The lorry collects the container that has your vehicle in straight from the port. This might also have other vehicles in and as we are unloading it at our premises we have full control over ensuring your vehicle is safely unloaded.

This process takes roughly an hour depending on how the cars are loaded into the container. We then put your car in the check in area ready to be assessed.

Check in video

We get all of the documentation together for your vehicle to check what we quoted for, then your vehicle is inspected thoroughly and a video is made.

This shows you the vehicle and walks you through the next steps of the process. Our aim is to be transparent but also ensure you are understanding of what is going on.

We will also check if your car has any service lights on or would benefit from a vehicle refresh package.


Any of the required modifications are undertaken on the vehicle which will be noted on your quotation.

This is also a great time to get your vehicle in for some optional extras that are reasonably priced. We offer vehicle refresh packages which are essentially checking over the car and making sure all of the fluids are topped off through to full vehicle service packages.

And we can also undertake any additional work that you might require.


Your vehicle is tested through the correct route to registration, whether that be the MOT test or the IVA test.

After which it will either pass or fail and we will advise in the event that it does fail.

We are the only privately owned IVA testing lane in the United Kingdom.


Once any applicable testing is completed we can register the vehicle on your behalf. Then you await the V5C.

At this point we can plate your vehicle and either deliver it or you can collect it.

Moving from Singapore to the United Kingdom?

A large number of individuals decide to bring their cars back from Singapore taking advantage of the tax-free incentives offered when relocating.

We can assist in taking care of the car whilst you are in the process of moving. If you have chosen to ship your personal belongings along with your car in the same container we are also on hand to collect the car on your behalf.

For the vast majority of vehicles originating from Singapore, they will be unloaded at our premises. So your possessions will be safe until you can collect them.

We understand that relocating can be stressful so we are here to help.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to ship a car from Singapore?

The duration of shipping a car from Singapore to the UK can vary depending on several factors, including the shipping method, the specific route taken, customs procedures, and logistical arrangements.

However, as a general guideline, the shipping time can range from approximately 4 to 8 weeks.

How much does it cost to import a car from Singapore?

At My Car Import we offer the complete import service, however, every quote is bespoke to your exact car and requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a no obligation quote to import your car from Singapore to the United Kingdom.

The more information we know about the car the easier it will be to give you an exact price to import your car.

What is the process for importing cars under ten years old?

We do this using an IVA test. We have the only privately operated IVA testing facility in the UK, meaning your car will not be waiting for a testing slot at a government testing centre, which can take weeks, if not months to obtain. We IVA test every week on-site and therefore have the fastest turnaround to get your car registered and on UK roads.

Every car is different and every manufacturer has different support standards for assisting their clients through the import process, so please get a quote so we can discuss the optimum speed and cost option for your circumstances.

We manage the whole process on your behalf, whether that is dealing with the homologation team of your car’s manufacturer or the Department for Transport, so you can relax in the knowledge that you will be legally registered with the DVLA in the shortest time possible.

Australian cars may require some modifications, including the speedo to display an MPH reading and the rear fog light positioning if it is not already universally compliant.

We have built an extensive catalogue of the makes and models of cars we have imported so can give you an accurate estimate of what your car will require to be ready for its IVA test.

What is the process for importing cars over ten years old?

Cars over 10 years old are type approval exempt but still require a safety test, called an MOT, and similar modifications to an IVA test prior to registration. The modifications depend on the age but are generally to the rear fog light.

If your car is over 40 years old it does not need an MOT test and can be delivered directly to your UK address ahead of it being registered.

Can you apply for the transfer of residence scheme when moving to the UK from Singapore?

The Transfer of Residence (ToR) scheme in the UK is designed for individuals moving to the UK from outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA). Singapore is not a part of the EU or EEA, so it’s possible to apply for the ToR scheme when moving to the UK from Singapore.

However, please note that the situation may have changed since my last update, and it’s important to refer to the most current information from the UK government’s official website or relevant authorities for the most accurate and up-to-date guidance. Immigration and customs regulations can change, and it’s crucial to have the latest information to ensure a smooth transition when moving to the UK from Singapore.

To apply for the Transfer of Residence scheme when moving to the UK from Singapore, you would generally follow a similar process to what I outlined in previous responses:

  1. Eligibility: Check the eligibility criteria for the Transfer of Residence scheme. This typically includes having been living outside the UK and the EU/EEA for a specified period and meeting other criteria related to the ownership and use of the items you’re importing.
  2. Application: Complete the Transfer of Residence application form, which can often be found on the UK government’s official website. This form will require details about your personal information, the items you’re importing, your previous residence, and more.
  3. Supporting Documentation: Gather the necessary supporting documentation, which may include proof of your previous residence outside the UK, evidence of ownership and use of the items, and other relevant paperwork.
  4. Submit the Application: Submit the completed application form and supporting documents to the appropriate authorities. The application process may involve online submission or other methods, depending on the current guidelines.
  5. Processing: The relevant authorities will review your application and documentation to determine if you meet the eligibility criteria. They may request additional information if needed.
  6. Decision: Once your application is processed, you will receive a decision regarding your eligibility for the Transfer of Residence relief. If approved, you’ll receive a Transfer of Residence reference number.
  7. Customs Declaration: When your items arrive in the UK, you’ll need to complete a customs declaration using the Transfer of Residence reference number. This helps ensure you receive the relief from customs duties and taxes.
  8. Inspection and Clearance: Depending on the nature of your items, customs authorities might conduct inspections or require additional information to clear your goods through customs.

Always refer to the latest information and guidelines provided by the UK government or relevant authorities to ensure a smooth process when applying for the Transfer of Residence scheme when moving from Singapore to the UK.

What ports can a car be shipped from in Singapore?

Singapore is a major international shipping hub with several ports that can be used for shipping cars, including cars. Here are some of the key ports in Singapore that are commonly used for car shipping:

  1. Port of Singapore: The Port of Singapore is one of the busiest and largest container ports in the world. It consists of multiple terminals, including the Tanjong Pagar Terminal, Keppel Terminal, Brani Terminal, and Pasir Panjang Terminal. These terminals handle a significant amount of cargo, including cars.
  2. Pasir Panjang Terminal: This terminal is part of the Port of Singapore and is known for handling a variety of cargo types, including cars. It’s equipped with modern facilities for efficient cargo handling.
  3. Keppel Terminal: Also part of the Port of Singapore, Keppel Terminal has facilities for handling both containerized and non-containerized cargo, including cars.
  4. Tanjong Pagar Terminal: While the Tanjong Pagar Terminal is being phased out for container operations, it has been used in the past for car shipping. However, it’s important to verify the current status of this terminal and its operations.
  5. Jurong Port: Jurong Port is another multipurpose port in Singapore that handles various types of cargo, including cars. It offers diverse berths for different cargo requirements.
  6. PSA International Terminals: PSA International operates several terminals within the Port of Singapore. These terminals have the infrastructure to handle containerized and non-containerized cargo, making them potential options for shipping cars.

It’s important to note that port availability and operations can change over time, so it’s recommended to verify the current status of these ports, their facilities, and their operations before making any shipping arrangements.

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