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Importing a car from the Canary Islands to the United Kingdom

Why choose My Car Import?

Do you need help navigating the tricky minefield of registering a car in the United Kingdom? My Car Import can offer a service that will take the headache out of the process of importing your car from the Canary Islands.

We can assist with the transport element of your car but also the modifications and registration of the car.

It’s a seamless process that requires very little input from you. The best place to get started is with our quote request form.

Tell us all about your car – whether it is already in the United Kingdom or still in the Canary Islands and we’ll piece together a bespoke quotation based on that.

Each customer enquiry is important to us and we believe that it’s a good thing to take the time to properly understand your requirements.

We are sure that all your questions regarding importing your car will be answered in the quote so it’s a great way to save you some time researching.

We look forwards to hearing from you.

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