Importing a car from South Africa

Before beginning the process your car’s’ departure from South Africa will only be allowed with the police’s clearance and a Microdot certificate being obtained. Our agents on the ground in South Africa can assist with this so you needn’t worry.

Our expert handling teams will load your car into either a dedicated container or shared container. Whilst travelling to the UK, your car will be fully insured with a condition report both on collection and arrival.

The easiest way for us to estimate the taxes that you can expect when importing your car into the UK is to fill in our form and allow us to quote for you. All imports from South Africa will be subject to import duties and taxes unless you have owned the vehicle at least 6 months and lived in South Africa for at least 12 months. We handle all customs to ensure you pay no more than you have to.

To protect the UK car market, the UK makes it harder for right hand drive cars, like those from South Africa, to be imported into the UK. Therefore any car that is under ten years old will have needed to be owned by you for at least 6 months whilst having permanently lived in South Africa for at least 12 months.

However, if the car is over ten years old, then there shouldn’t be a problem and vehicle will only needs an MOT test.

Appropriate modifications usually include conversion of a speedometer to miles per hour, an addition of a rear fog light and an IVA test which can be carried out in house here at My Car Import.

Please fill in our form here in order for you to have an accurate quote from My Car Import.

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