Importing a Car from Singapore to the UK

If you have looked into importing your car from Singapore to the UK, you’ll immediately come across a number of hurdles that makes attempting this feat on your own very prohibitive. Thankfully, My Car Import are on hand to import your vehicle for you with no hassle on your part. We utilise our decades of experience and contacts to make sure your car is road registered here in the UK in the most efficient and effective manner.

What is required?


The first stage of the process for importing a car from Singapore to the UK is to deregister it I Singapore and acquire export plates. Once this is done, you are able to take it directly to our agents who can load it onto the vessel ready fro transit to the UK.

Vehicle Loading

Our agents will then set about readying the car for shipping. We always take great care to load your vehicle to ensure no damage is caused. Once fastened and checked, the vehicle is ready to be shipped to the UK.

My Car Import does offer additional marine transit insurance which can be organised directly through us if you want that additional peace of mind for your vehicle when it is on the high seas.

Import Tax and VAT

It is likely when you import a vehicle from Singapore that there will be charges involved.

These charges will be avoided however if you are intending to move to the UK permanently, on the proviso that you have lived outside the EU for 12 months and owned the car for a minimum of six months.

Another key piece of information is that you will not be able to sell the car for 12 months after importation if you want to avoid costs.

If you are not permanently moving to the UK or have owned the car for at least six months, you will need to pay both import tax and VAT.

How much tax and VAT?

This depends on how much you paid for the vehicle, its age and where it was built:

  • Vehicles built in the UK are subject to a one-off £50 duty tax and 20% VAT
  • Vehicles built outside of the UK are subject to 10% duty tax and 20% VAT
  • For vehicles over 30 years old, subject to conditions, you may qualify for reduced import tax and just 5% VAT.

Vehicle testing and modifications

When your vehicle arrives in the UK, it will be transported to our facility in the East Midlands where we will test the car and modify if necessary. The vehicle needs to be fit for UK roads in order to pass testing.

We have workshops on site and our own in-house team of mechanics that can conduct the necessary modifications, such as headlight adjustment, rear fog light installation and speedometer conversions, all without having to take your car anywhere else.

What sets MCI apart is that we are the only UK importers who have our own on-site IVA testing facility, a test that all cars under ten years old must pass.

If the vehicle you are importing is over ten years old, then it must pass an MOT, something that can also be conducted on-site.

UK Registration

After your vehicle has been successfully modified and tested, it will be ready for DVLA registration. A huge benefit of being a My Car Import customer is that we have exclusive access to a DVLA account manager, allowing paperwork and completion of registration to happen in a far shorter time than may be the case with other importers.

Once approved and registered, the car can be legally driven on the UK roads. Alternatively, we can have your car transported to an address of your choice.

Take the hassle out of importing your car to the UK from Singapore and rely on the industry experts. Call +44 (0) 1332 810 442 now or fill out one of our contact forms to start the process with us.

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Importing a Car from Singapore to the UK

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