Importing a classic car into the United Kingdom


Finding your dream car can be a challenge in the UK with most of the pristine examples spending their days in museums or in the hands of private collectors. Most of our customers import classic vehicles from abroad simply because they’ve found something which would be otherwise unattainable in the United Kingdom. Even with the recent Brexit trade changes it is still easy to import and register a classic car – so read on to find out more.

Transporting your classic vehicle

Given the heritage and value of classic cars, we're only happy to ship with the best of the best, and we offer a bespoke vehicle moving service at all stages of the import to ensure your vehicle isn't exposed to the elements.
Some of our customers prefer to drive their vehicles back into the United Kingdom which can be a fantastic experience, but if your vehicle is a little further away and perhaps not in the European Union then logisitcally speaking that could be tricky.There are a few options for transporting your classic vehicle, but don't hesitate to get in touch if you have a question or would like a quote to import your classic vehicle.
What transportation services do we offer?

Road Freight

Standard road freight involves your classic vehicle being loaded onto a car transporter. The benefit to this is the cost is reasonable in comparison to other methods of transport and your car won't be moved much. However, the vehicle is exposed to the elements. It's one of the fastest ways to move a car within Europe and popular for classic vehicles that aren't 'pristine'.

Ocean Freight

If your classic vehicle is outside of the EU then one option is to ship it. The shipping process is entirely insured and it is relatively safe but your vehicle will be unloaded and loaded at either end of the journey. If the car is a non-runner then often this is a preferred method over RoRo.

Roll on Roll off

A popular method for shipping between continents is Roll on Roll off shipping - but we rarely advise this for classic vehicles due to the fact your car is moved around a significant amount in comparison to other choices.

Enclosed transport

The method that most collectors use to import their classic vehicles is enclosed transport. Whilst it might be one of the most expensive methods of moving a vehicle - it is the safest. If the vehicle is coming from outside of the EU it will still require shipping in most cases.

What else should you know when importing your classic car?

How much tax will you pay to import a classic car?

We're relatively lucky to be able to import vehicles into the UK from outside of the EU that are older than 30 years for a mere 5% VAT, which is a considerable saving when compared to potentially 20% VAT that is payable on newer vehicles, and that doesn't include the hefty duty charges.Generally speaking - importing a classic vehicle from within the EU hasn't really changed. No import duty is liable as it is considered a movement of goods within the EU and the VAT should have already been paid in the country of origin.
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Transporting and registering your classic vehicle?

On arrival, it’s taken inside for a full inspection and any potential remedial work is outlined to ensure roadworthiness. In the past, we have organised vehicles to have bodywork and maintenance to ensure your newly imported classic car is running on all cylinders.

With our dedicated account managers, we are able to process your registration whilst undertaking any remedial work as required, meaning you never wait longer than necessary for your classic car.

If you are transporting the vehicle yourself the My Car Import can handle the registration process of your vehicle remotely. This includes the collation of all the required paperwork for the registration of the classic car, which is often the tricky part of importing older vehicles.

Why choose My Car Import to handle your classic car import?

My Car Import has a long-standing history in the UK market for the importation of classic vehicles, whether that be a £200,000 supercar or a transferring resident bringing across a sentimental classic they don’t want to leave behind.

You can rest assured that you are dealing with enthusiasts who are truly passionate about ensuring that every stage of your vehicles import journey is on par with our high standards. Over the years we have safely organised the collection, registration, and restoration of thousands of classic cars.

All you need to do is get in touch and we’ll explain in full our dedicated classic car importation service.

Frequently asked questions
Insuring your classic import
You'll be happy to know that a classic car is usually treated like any other vehicle of historical interest that was already in the United Kingdom. The insurance industry understands that finding pristine examples of classic cars sends buyers to all the corners of the world.
Why should you import a classic car?
In the world of motoring, the United Kingdom is renowned for our interesting seasons. The roads are salted regularly during winter and it's almost always raining - which makes finding great examples of a classic car a rare thing.
Where do most classic imports come from?
The warmer areas of the world often have the greatest rot free examples of classic vehicles - but that is not to say they have been looked after. So don't purchase a classic car purely on the location alone. Depending on the type of car you are sourcing also makes it easier to decide where best to look. For example, in recent years there has been a phenomenal amount of 'Classic Volkswagens' making their way into the UK from South Africa.


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