Importing a Ferrari to the United Kingdom

Looking for someone to take the headache out of importing your Ferrari?

As fellow car enthusiasts, we understand that any supercar is a special thing, and we aim to make each importation and registration a seamless supercar importation experience.

Not only that, but we pride ourselves on being the UK’s leading experts in providing cost-effective solutions for registering your Ferrari with our bespoke headlight conversion service, whilst ensuring timely compliance and registration thanks to having the only privately held IVA testing lane in the UK.

From the moment your car is picked up from you, to the moment it arrives in the United Kingdom we are working with logistics to ensure that the vehicle is safe, secure, and arrives on time. Far too often shipping is undertaken in a manner that we would not advise and this is something we have worked tirelessly to avoid by choosing who we work with carefully and fully managed the whole process.

With a wealth of experience converting and registering a wide variety of Ferrari’s – we are incredibly confident at converting them with them and can ensure no ‘surprises’ on your way to UK road registration.

Your vehicle is fully insured during the whole process, we’ll be here keeping you informed and ensuring that the importation is cost-effective and time-efficient, whilst retaining the Ferrari heritage and build quality with all works undertaken.


Check out some of our frequently asked questions when importing a Ferrari

Will my Ferrari need new lights?
If you're importing an LHD Ferrari, chances are your vehicle's lights will need to be modified to ensure the correct beam pattern required for compliance in the United Kingdom. However, headlights can sometimes be modified rather than replaced. Each car is unique, and we can provide better advice once we know the model of Ferrari you intend to import.
Can you IVA test my Ferrari?
If the route to registration is through the IVA scheme then we can undertake the test onsite at our privately owned IVA test lane. Your vehicle will never have to leave the premises to be tested.
Can you service my Ferrari once it is imported?
We are more than happy to assist in any additional remedial work that your vehicle might require. If you would like your Ferrari servicing or other work undertaken during the import process we are more than happy to assist using our contacts at the Ferrari dealership.
Can you store my Ferrari after registration at your facilities?
If you require storage for your Ferrari after it has been registered there is the facility to store it at our brand new premises for a fee.

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