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Importing a Car From The EU to The UK

We are specialists in UK registrations using a Certificate of Conformity.

You can buy your certificate from us and also have it registered – a full one stop service!

Importing your vehicle to the UK from Europe?

Most of the cars we register from Europe are driven to the UK by their owners and are already here, simply requiring the import registration processing with a Certificate of Conformity, the VCA and DVLA. We can handle the whole process of transporting your car from any EU member state to the UK if needed.

We mostly truck the cars by road on fully insured transporter vehicles, but also offer roll on roll off shipping services from more remote areas. During transit your vehicle is fully insured and in most circumstances will be delivered to our premises, however, a small number of our clients prefer to have the vehicle delivered to them and simply use our services to process any paperwork required by the DVLA to register the vehicle. This is dependant on many vehicle specific factors so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are unsure.

If you would like to drive the vehicle on arrival in the United Kingdom and simply require our services for dealing with the paperwork. Please check the insurance for driving your vehicle in the United Kingdom. It might be invalid but do not hesitate to get in touch should you require insurance – we use a number of insurers who can insure a vehicle using the VIN number. 

A super efficient team of professionals makes this company highly recommendable. They handle everything promptly and keep you apprised throughout the process. Their teamwork is commendable and they're all just such nice people too! No regrets and no stress! Thank you My Car Import for your help!"
- Opel Zafira from IE – Ireland

Is your vehicle under 10 years old?

On arrival in the UK, your vehicle will need to comply to UK type approval. We can either do this with a process called mutual recognition or through IVA testing.


Every car is different and every manufacturer has different support standards for assisting their clients through the import process, so please enquire so we can discuss the optimum speed and cost option for your individual circumstances.

Left hand drive cars from Europe will require some modifications, including those to the headlight pattern to avoid glare for oncoming traffic, the speedo to display the miles per hour reading and the rear fog light if it is not already universally compliant. We have built an extensive catalogue of the makes and models of vehicle we have imported so can give you a quick cost estimate of what your individual car will require.
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Very professional and good communication , everything went according to the time frame promise on the first conversation. Very good job keep it this way.
-2016 Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDi, LHD from RO – Romania


Vehicles from within the EU that are over ten years old are type approval exempt. This does not mean they do not require an IVA test our the mutual recognition scheme. It is likely they will still need modifications to pass an MOT test – but it does make the route to registration much more modest.

What is involved in importing your vehicle?

In the United Kingdom vehicles must be 'roadworthy' and they will require an MOT to prove that they are fit for purpose and safe.

The most vehicle may require minor modifications to adjust the beam pattern to ensure the lights to not blind other road users. Rear fog lights are also required in the United Kingdom, so these will need fitting if the vehicle does not have one.

However, all modifications generally depend on the vehicle itself.

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We have had prompt and friendly service from my car import and would recommend their expertise to handle all aspects of their business......
-1997 Toyota Hilux, 2.4 Diesel, Green, Pick Up from FR – France - Former UK car

Frequently asked questions

How much is import tax when importing a vehicle from the EU to the UK?

Following the end of the Brexit transition period, different rules apply for import taxes when importing a vehicle to the UK.

If you are moving to the UK and have owned your vehicle for more than 6 months whilst living outside the UK for more than 12 months, you can import the vehicle tax free using the HMRC Transfer of Residency scheme.

If you have bought a vehicle in the EU and import it to the UK, you will pay 20% import VAT if under 30 years old of age, and 5% VAT if over 30 years old of age.  This is calculated on your purchase invoice and any transport costs to the UK.

Can you help with moving my vehicle?

Regardless of where your vehicle is we are confident that we can offer a safe and secure medium for transporting your vehicle.

Whether we are shipping a vehicle or using inland trucking we have an extensive network of agents who can assist with the process of getting your car safely to the United Kingdom.

Why choose us to import your vehicle from the EU TO THE UK?

As we successfully lobbied for our clients to have access to our own My Car Import dedicated DVLA Account Manager, on passing the testing phase, the registration can be approved far quicker than alternative methods.

From transporting your vehicle through to testing and registration – we take care of everything. All that is left is to fit your new UK number plates and we get the vehicle ready for either collection or delivery to a location of your choice.

A streamlined, convenient process that has been tailored over many years, importing a car from Europe to the UK couldn’t be easier. To run through your requirements and find out more, contact us today on +44 (0) 1332 81 0442.

Do we just import cars from the EU?

The EU makes up a large proportion of vehicle imports into the United Kingdom, however there are numerous private imports from across the world that we assist with each month.

We help with transferring residents emigrating to the United Kingdom from Australia, and even personal individuals importing a classic vehicle from the United States of America.

There is no place we can’t import and register vehicle from, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if the vehicle is outside of the EU.

What types of vehicles do we work with?

From one-off production vehicles to million-pound supercars we have helped to register a plethora of different vehicles. The route to registration is different for every vehicle but we are confident that we can assist.

The best way to know for certain is to fill out our quote request form which gives us all the details that we need to know to give you an accurate quote.

Can we service your vehicle? Or do we offer any optional extras?

Unlike our competitors, we are more than happy to undertake any routine servicing for vehicles that are spending their time at our premises. We feel that servicing your vehicle is a good thing to do when vehicles are spending a large amount of time idle.

We also offer professional detailing to renew the look of your car and Thatcham rated trackers that can bring down your overall insurance upon registration.

My Car Import is enthusiastic about motoring and we hope that every request you might have we can fulfill.

Do you need to bring the vehicle to our premises?

Depending on the age of the vehicle we might not even need to have it come to our premises. If the vehicle is older than ten years in most cases you could get the modifications done at a local garage that is required for compliance.

We then take care of any paperwork on your behalf. It saves time and means that your vehicle never actually needs to come here.

If your car is suitable for a remote registration then we will let you know after you fill in a form for a quotation.

What are the rules on temporarily importing your vehicle?

If you aren’t planning on residing in the United Kingdom for an extensive length of time, and the vehicle is already in the EU then you can use your foreign plates without registering or taxing your vehicle in the UK.

This is only allowed if you are only visiting the United Kingdom and do not plan to live here. For any permanent residency – a registration of your vehicle will be required.

The vehicle must be registered, taxed, and insured in the country of origin. Failure to do so could create issues should there be an accident.

Your vehicle can only reside in the United Kingdom for a total of 6 months. Although if it is for numerous short visits over a 12 month period that is also acceptable.

If you decide to keep your vehicle in the United Kingdom for a period longer than that, please don’t hesitate to get in touch regarding registration.


We offer the complete import service

I want to drive my car whilst it is being registered?

For the vast majority of vehicles that don’t require an IVA test we don’t need to have your EU vehicle onsite for any extensive period of time. We have noticed a growing trend in customers who have driven their vehicles into the United Kingdom and simply need their modifying for compliance. If you are still driving around on foregin registration plates and your insurance covers you, then we can often fit your car in for a ‘Same day registration’.

You bring your car to our premises in Castle Donington and we can undertake the modifications to make your vehicle compliant for use in the United Kingdom whilst you wait. It is then taken for an MOT test to ensure the vehicle is road worthy and if there are no issues you will be issued an MOT pass certificate.

Once we have your MOT certificate you can take the car away, with your foreign registration plates. We’ll submit the registration application on your behalf and when your new registration number is received the foreign plates can be exchanged for the GB registration plates we post to you.

It’s a simpler way of registering your EU vehicle if you need to use it on a daily basis.

If you are a bit further away and can’t make it to our premises but your vehicle is already in the United Kingdom we can also assist with the registration of the vehicle and the work can be undertaken at a garage that is local to you depending on the work required.

The best way to find out the route to registration is with a quotation. It will outline what is needed to register your EU import in the United Kingdom.

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