The UK’s Leading Car Importers


The UK’s Leading Car Importers

Are you looking to import your Spanish vehicle into the United Kingdom?

Most of the cars we register from Spanish are driven to the UK by their owners and are already here, simply requiring the import registration paperwork to be processed with the DVLA. We can however handle the whole process of getting your car from Spanish into the United Kingdom if you are not driving your vehicle to the UK.

Our quotes are fully inclusive and based entirely on your requirements. You can find out more about the process of importation of your vehicle on this page, but don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with a member of staff.

Getting your vehicle to the United Kingdom

Depending on the location of the vehicle we can either takeover in the UK, with you driving the vehicle back, or we can transport your vehicle back to the UK on a multi-car lorry. Prices range from £600 + VAT to £950 + VAT depending on your location in Spain and we run a fortnightly service for our clients.

How much tax will you need to pay to import your vehicle?

When importing a car from Spain to the UK, you can do so completely tax free providing the vehicle is both over 6 months old and has covered over 6000km from new.

When importing a new or nearly new vehicle, the VAT must be paid in the UK so please don’t hesitate to run any queries past us in reference to planning your import taxes prior to purchase.

Vehicle modifications and type approval

For vehicles that are under ten years old, on arrival in the UK, your vehicle will need to comply to UK type approval. We can either do this with a process called mutual recognition or through IVA testing. For the vehicles over 10 years old, they will need to pass an MOT test, checking components of the vehicle for safety and roadworthiness.

Every car is different and every manufacturer has different support standards for assisting their clients through the import process, so please enquire so we can discuss the optimum speed and cost option for your individual circumstances.

We manage the whole process on your behalf, whether that is dealing with the homologation team of your vehicle’s manufacturer or the Department for Transport, so you can relax in the knowledge that you will be legally registered with the DVLA in the shortest time possible.

Left hand drive cars from Spain will require some modifications, including those to the headlight pattern to avoid glare for oncoming traffic, the speedo to display the miles per hour reading and the rear fog light if it is not already universally compliant.

We have built an extensive catalogue of the makes and models of vehicle we have imported so can give you a quick cost estimate of what your individual car will require.

Aston Martin

Vehicles over ten years old

Over 10-year-old cars and classics are type approval exempt, but still require an MOT test and certain modifications prior to registration. The modifications depend on the age but are generally to the headlights and rear fog light. Vehicles over 40 years old do not require any testing and we can register the car remotely whilst it is at your UK address.


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