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Car transport Portugal to UK


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Why use My Car Import?

Europe's leading enclosed car transportation service

Excellent Customer Service

Our firm belief is that you can never over communicate with your customers. Timely updates, supreme care and bespoke handling are just a few of our specialties.

Attention to Detail

Naturally, we want the import process to run smoothly with no hiccups, so we're always willing to tailor our services to meet the expectations of our customers.

Competitive Pricing

Importing your car from Portugal needs to be cost-effective for you. That's why we strategically optimise our load planning to maximise efficiency, enabling us to share those cost savings with you. We're also able to reduce any paperwork expenses due to our wide-reaching network of partners.

Live Vehicle Tracking

We believe in transparency. For peace of mind, our customers are able to independently track the progress of their vehicle for the duration of its journey.

Professional Drivers

We choose only the best drivers to pilot our trucks. Our entire team is united by a collective dedication to providing outstanding service, and a huge passion for cars!

UK CDS Customs Agents

Our in-house team of CDS customs agents will oversee all customs-related procedures to ensure they are carried out appropriately and expediently. Getting your car back to the UK from Portugal will be a breeze with My Car Import taking the reins!

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We liaise with the collection point

We know that every aspect of the transportation process is vital, and that’s why your vehicle’s journey is subject to meticulous and comprehensive pre-planning by our dedicated team. Our friendly. experienced drivers carry the necessary equipment to safely transport your car from Portugal to the UK, all the while ensuring that the associated parties remain updated for the duration. Dates and timings of our collection are always mutually agreed upon.

We collect your car

By the time your car arrives at its destination, all delivery formalities such as handover points or any further intricate requests that you’ve made, have been discussed in great detail. We’re here to make sure that you’re fully satisfied with our service so we leave no stone unturned. We’ll provide you with documentation for the journey, establish the condition of the car, and finalise the process in its entirety.

We transport your car

Our distinctive liveried trucks will transport your car between the UK and Portugal. For live updates, you can log onto our customer portal and track the journey towards your destination. Everyone likes reassurance that their precious cargo is in safe hands.

We keep you updated

There’s no such thing as over-communication as far as we’re concerned. That’s why we have numerous contact methods, including a live tracking system should you have any issues or concerns. Reassurance is essential, so you’ll never be kept in the dark throughout the enclosed car transportation process.

We clear your car through customs

Customs clearance is a laborious process for the best of us. Our in-house team of UK CDS customs agents will save you the trouble of clearing your car through customs with the correct amount of import VAT. Or, if we’re transporting your car into Poland, we’ll ensure that your car travels to its destination following the correct procedures and with minimal documentation fees. We do the hard work for you!

We deliver your car

Back at our private facilities, we’ll take care of any necessary modifications your vehicle needs to meet UK regulations. Once the DVLA has provided us with your registration, we’ll have your vehicle valeted and delivered to your chosen delivery point. How’s that for service?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you collect my car?

We typically work 1-2 weeks ahead for collections and deliveries in Portugal. Following your enquiry, we’ll be sure to let you know the next available moving dates.

Do you collect using enclosed trailers?

Yes! All of our trailers are enclosed. This ensures optimal security and protection for your vehicle whilst in transit to and from Portugal.

Is my vehicle insured whilst being transported?

Absolutely! We hold comprehensive insurance for all of the vehicles we transport in our enclosed trailers. If your vehicle is of very high value, please let us know when you enquire so we can ensure we have the appropriate cover in place.

Can you help to register our car in the UK?

Yes! A key aspect of our business is the official importation and registration of vehicles in the UK. When you’re enquiring, make sure you inform us that you’d like a quote for this.

Do you keep us updated with progress?

We always want you to know our plan for your vehicle. That’s why our office team provides regular updates to you ahead of collection, during transit and before delivery. What’s more, we provide you with live GPS tracking of the truck enabling you to stay updated for the entirety of the journey. We aim for transparency and accuracy at all times.

Do you organise export and import paperwork?

Our price is inclusive of all paperwork needed to successfully export and import vehicles to and from Portugal. As UK CDS customs agents, we are able to enter our own import declarations on your behalf. And with our wide network of European partners that assist in organising exports and imports to Austria, every eventually is covered.

Access to our collection or delivery point is difficult for a HGV. What should we do?

No problem! Please let us know if this applies during your enquiry. That way, we can organise a pre-arranged accessible collection point or delivery.

Our car is a non-runner. Can you help?

We can! All of our enclosed car transporters have winches, so we can plan a vehicle collection accordingly. Please let us know if your car is a non-runner when you enquire.

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