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Our team have been involved in the import and export vehicle industry in the UK for the last 25 years. Our aim as a company is to offer customers importing vehicles into the UK an easy alternative to having to take on the process by themselves. We have built our business on the understanding that the prospect of importing a vehicle into the UK can be daunting for people approaching it for the first time. We know that the detailed information required to make the decision to import a vehicle to the UK is often widespread and hard to digest so we are here to help and be your one stop source. We believe that by instructing My Car Import on your vehicle import you will be able to sit back and relax while we use our worldwide business to business network, industry knowledge and UK testing facilities to quickly and cost effectively get you and your car back on the road here in the UK.

We can’t recommend My Car Import highly enough. Originally, we thought that customising our Kia Sedona for driving on British roads was a matter of getting a quick cover note, adjusting the headlights and joining the queue to get a UK registration over the counter. How wrong we were, the real battle was with the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA). The local Kia dealer did his best, by offering to replace the entire headlight system (for some £400) but that left one wire dangling, which would not be allowed, even if taped up. He sent us to a small garage near a US Air Force base, which was used to modifying North American cars, but they had given up, because of VOSA’s rigidity and constantly changing rules. They pointed us to Jack, at My Car Import. Two months to the day after we collected our car from Liverpool docks, Jack had it ready for us, UK-registered, VOSA-approved and licensed. The service that Jack Charlesworth gave us was priceless.

The Revd Michael Skliros - KIA from the USA