UK to USA Importing Checklist

Before importing your car with My Car Import, there a number of things you need to make sure you’ve done before your car sets sail to the UK. Here is My Car Import’s guide to shipping your car from the USA to UK.


Purchasing the car


Obvious, you’d think. But if you have purchased the car in the UK, you will need to make sure that the original bill of sale and registration has ben transferred from the previous owner to yourself. Thankfully, a change in 2014 now means you no longer need to transfer the title yourself with the DMV, you simply need to put your details on the back.


Outstanding Finance?


If there has been existing finance on a vehicle you wish to purchase, you’ll need to check that there is no longer a loan on the vehicle, as the vehicle will be in the loan holder or bank’s name. You can resolve this be re-registering the vehicle in your name, or requesting a letter from the loan holder that they have no further interest in the vehicle.




Your car should have as little fuel as possible in, but enough for manoeuvring onto the ship and at port.


Shipping Spare Parts


As we ship our cars by container, it is safe to place spare parts in the boot of the vehicle and have these shipped back with the car. That way you can potentially save money on [arts in the UK. Additionally, if any tyres need replacing, consider having these done in the USA too, as this can often work out better value too.


Shipping your car from New York?


When shipping your car from New York and your car is newer than 2010, we will need proof of payment . This can easily be done by supplying a statement of sale that shows a zero balance remaining, or a bank statement showing payment to the vendor.


Payment for the Car


The best way to pay for a car that is overseas is via an foreign exchange broker,. This way you can carry out a same-day transaction from the UK to the USA and at a much better rate than you can get via your bank and local exchange bureau.


Ready to ship your car?


My Car Import are ready to assist you with bringing your car to the UK. To get started, fill in our form here for a no obligation quote.

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