If you are searching around for a reliable and experienced company that specialises in shipping a car from Oman to the UK, you’ve come to the right place. We have shipped a number of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles from this region to the UK and take care of all aspects of the process to ease the burden on you.

Vehicle Deregistration in Oman

The first to consider is the deregistration of the vehicle in Oman and the application for export plates from the RTA. Whilst it might seem a daunting process, it is actually very straightforward and as soon as you have all the paperwork and plates, our team in Oman can take delivery of the vehicle before preparing for shipment.

Loading & Shipping to the UK

We understand that leaving your vehicle can be a scary prospect, however you can rest assured that our agents in Oman have been handpicked for their professionalism and duty of care. They will load your car into the container carefully, with precision taken over every element, before then securing it in place for the journey.

As an optional extra for your complete peace of mind, we do offer transit insurance which will insure the vehicle up to its full replacement value throughout the journey from Oman to the UK.

Import Tax Guidelines

If you meet the criteria of having owned the vehicle for six months and lived outside of the EU for over 12 months prior to the import process commencing, you can bring the vehicle into the UK completely tax free. Once the vehicle has arrived in the country, you will be restricted from selling it on for the first 12 months.

If you don’t meet the above criteria, then you will need to pay an import duty charge along with VAT, which is calculated on the amount you paid for the vehicle. For vehicles which have been built in the UK there is a one-off £50 duty charge plus 20% VAT whilst for vehicles built outside of the UK are subject to 10% import duty and 205 VAT.

There is the possibility of qualifying for a reduced rate of 5% VAT if the vehicle you are looking to ship is over 30 years old and hasn’t been significantly modified from its original condition.

Testing Prior to Registration

Before registration can be approved by the DVLA, testing and modifications are required to ensure the vehicle is fit for UK roads. After customs clearance has been granted, we will pick the vehicle up and transport it back to our centre for this testing to take place.

If the vehicle is over ten years old, an MOT test will be required along with a number of modifications and road fitness assessments before registration.

For vehicles that have been built within the last ten years, an IVA test is necessary. Fortunately, and to avoid the vehicle having to be sent elsewhere, we are the only company in the country with a dedicated IVA testing lane designed for passenger vehicles so conduct all checks on-site.

General modifications to all vehicles include the adjustment of headlights so they are in line with UK guidelines, the installation of rear fog lights on vehicles that aren’t fitted with them as standard and the changing of the speedometer from km/h to mph.

Registration with the DVLA & UK Number Plates

Once the vehicle has passed the necessary tests and all modifications are completed, it can then be registered with the DVLA. Traditionally quite a lengthy process, we are able to shorten this time frame considerably by having a dedicating DVLA Account Manager solely for My Car Import clients.

Your vehicle’s new UK number plates can then be fitted once approval has been granted, meaning you can now drive on the UK road network. The final aspect of the service is to decide whether you’d like to pick the car up from our East Midlands depot or arrange for us to deliver straight to you.

We can speed up the process of shipping a car from Oman to the UK at the same time as relieving most of the pressure on you, which we believe equates to a win-win situation all round. To discuss this in more detail, give us a call today on +44 (0) 1332 81 0442 and we’ll detail how we can help you.