The process of shipping a car from Kuwait to the UK covers many different areas, so as opposed to attempting to negotiate the process alone, it is highly advisable to choose professionals who are experienced in the field to ensure everything goes to plan. At My Car Import we have extensive experience in shipping from Kuwait, following the process outlined below.

Deregistering the Vehicle in Kuwait

The first stage in the course of shipping your vehicle from Kuwait into the UK involves you paying a visiting to the local RTA to apply for your export plates and therefore deregister the vehicle. This is a straightforward process to implement and will then enable our agents to take delivery of the vehicle ready for loading into the container.

Loading of the Vehicle & Shipping

We employ our own agents in Kuwait who will personally take your vehicle from you, straight to the container that will be loaded onto the ship. With many years of experience in the field, you can put your trust in them to take care of your vehicle before securely fastening into place so there is no movement during transit.

For further peace of mind as we are well aware of the investment you will have put into your vehicle, we do provide optional transit insurance if you wish to purchase it. This will insure the vehicle up to the replacement value for the duration of the journey.

Tax Guidance for Imports

As with most things coming into the UK, there are import taxes in place. However, if you are moving to the UK permanently then you will be able to bring your car over completely free of any tax payments. You must have lived outside of the EU for over 12 months though and have owned the car for a minimum of six months prior to it being imported. You then won’t be able to sell your car on in the UK for a further 12-month period.

For vehicles that are more recent purchases or if you haven’t lived outside of the EU for the defined period, you will need to pay import tax and VAT based on the amount you paid for the vehicle. A car built in the EU is subject to a one-off £50 duty tax and then 20% VAT whilst for a vehicle built outside of the EU you will need to pay 10% duty and 20% VAT.

For classic cars and any vehicle over 30 years old, you will qualify for a reduced rate of import tax and VAT at just 5% as long as the criteria in place are met.

Testing & Modification Ahead of DVLA Registration

As you are bringing your vehicle over from Kuwait, there will be differences between its suitability for Kuwaiti roads and those in the UK. This will mean a number of modifications and tests are necessary before the DVLA will approve registration.

Some of the most common modifications we make to Gulf-spec cars are to adjust the headlight settings to meet beam pattern requirements, change the speedometer to mph and install a rear fog light if one is not fitted as standard.

Vehicles under ten years old are required to undergo an IVA test and, as the only importer in the UK to have our own on-site, approved IVA test lane for passenger vehicles, we can conduct this process far quicker than the Government run centres are able to.

If the vehicle is older, an MOT test is required as opposed to the IVA test, whereby we will check its roadworthiness and make any further changes required.

Registration & Number Plates

After successfully passing the tests and completing all modifications, our own DVLA Account Manager, exclusively available to My Car Import clients, will process your vehicle’s registration application far quicker than the traditional method.

On approval, we can then fit your new UK number plates and inform you that the car is now legally allowed to be driven on UK roads. We’ll then arrange with you a time for collection or can organise for your vehicle to be delivered direct to your door.

If you would like our experienced team to take control of the process of shipping your car from Kuwait to the UK, simply give us a call today on +44 (0) 1332 81 0442.