Shipping a Vehicle From Kuwait to the United Kingdom.

About Us

My Car Import has been in business for over 30 years, you can trust in our wealth of experience while importing your vehicle from Kuwait.

We have completed a large number of imports for customers from all over the world, especially from the United States. In fact, there aren’t many countries from which we haven’t imported vehicles.

Our team consists of expert mechanics, experienced logistic management agents on every continent, and many other experts in their fields to ensure that you have a smooth experience importing your vehicle. We have recently upgraded our facilities and have a unique relationship with the DVSA, so we can perform IVA testing on-site if necessary.

We are the country’s only vehicle importers with a private testing lane. When your motorhome is being tested, DVSA inspectors come to us. When your vehicle is being tested, DVSA inspectors come to us. Alternatively, depending on the route to registration, we can also perform an MOT on-site.

Keeping everything under one roof expedites the process significantly because we don’t have to transport your motorhome off-site and schedule a test at another facility.

Once your vehicle arrives at our facility, it will not leave until it has been registered. It will remain in our care until you are ready to pick it up or have it delivered to you.

Our newly acquired premises are safe, secure, and extremely large, so your vehicle will not be crammed into a corner.

Deregistering the Vehicle in Kuwait

This is a simple process that will allow our agents to take delivery of your vehicle ready for loading into the container.

The first stage of the process requires the vehicle to be deregistered in Kuwait before it can be shipped to the UK. You will need to acquire export plates from the General Department of Traffic ahead of our agents in Bahrain receiving the car in the warehouse to ready it for shipping.

  • GDT
    Visit the General Department of Traffic and submit the required documents.
  • Checks
    Your vehicle will have to pass the technical test.
  • Paperwork
    You will then need to submit the service application form.
  • Fees
    Once you've completed the test and correct paperwork you will just need to pay the fees due.

Loading & Shipping of Your Vehicle

Whilst in our capable hands, you can have complete confidence that our team will take great care of your vehicle during the loading process. Our handpicked agents are vastly experienced in this field so will load carefully and fasten securely so the car won’t move an inch in transit.

For further peace of mind, we do offer transit insurance as an additional option that will insure the vehicle to its full replacement value throughout the journey from Kuwait to the UK.

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Import Tax Legislations

There are a number of import tax laws that must be followed throughout the procedure to avoid delays in getting your vehicle upon arrival in the UK. Bringing your car to the UK is tax-free if you are also moving, but you must have lived outside the EU for more than 12 months and owned the car for at least six months previous to import.

If you have owned the vehicle for less than six months, you must pay an import duty payment and VAT. The final charge is based on the amount you paid for the vehicle and is determined by the following criteria:

Testing before vehicle registration

On arrival in the UK and after clearing customs, we will collect your car from the port and transport it back to our centre via vehicle transporter.

To pass this stage of the process, your vehicle will require a number of modifications to ensure it is suitable for UK road use. Just some of the changes we will make include installing a rear fog light if one isn’t fitted as standard, converting the speedometer to mph and adjusting the headlight settings. Each car is likely to require a different level of work so we will always supply you with a bespoke quote to get a clear understanding of the costings.

If your imported vehicle is over ten years old an IVA test is not required, yet modifications and road suitability testing will be necessary. It must also pass an MOT test before the DVLA will register the vehicle.

DVLA Registration & UK Plate Fitting

Once the vehicle has undergone the necessary testing and modifications, the next stage is the registration with the DVLA. We again are able to speed up this process for our clients as we have our own DVLA Account Manager who is on hand to process all applications.

After the car is registered, we will then fit new UK number plates and the vehicle is ready to hit the road. We can either arrange for collection from our East Midlands depot or deliver the car direct to the door of your property.

For a convenient, fast and almost effortless import process when shipping a car from Bahrain to the UK, choose My Car Import. Call us today on +44 (0) 1332 81 0442 to begin the process by discussing your requirements with our team.

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